Today We Were Watching BYU TV

This guy is none other than:
My eldest brother Donnie! Yes, he is quite famous especially since he's being broadcast all over the country on BYU TV. Okay, he's also in a sweet disco band named FEVER! Here's the link to the site. Here's a sweet pic of him and his band (down below). He plays drums and vocals. His band played for one of my receptions when I got married back in '96. Super fun! In high school he was inducted into the McDonald's All American High School Marching Band and got to travel to New York to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (please correct me if I'm wrong.). He's also an amazing cinematographer (sp). He works for Primary Children's Hospital doing just that. He gets to rub shoulders with many celebrities along the way.
He's famous in many other ways, but I'll have to check with him first to make sure it's okay for me to spill the beans. Love you Donnie!!!

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    He works for Children's Miracle more hospital stuff...hehehe

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