Wordless Wednesday

I decided to take an idea from some friends of mine and start posting "Wordless Wednesdays."

I've Been Tagged...

Nothing like being tagged when you're super busy and supposed to be doing other things. Thanks for tagging me Fireball!

8 Favorite TV shows:

1. Lost
2. ER
3. Dancing With the Stars
4. Intervention
5. Supernanny
6. The Love Boat & Fantasy Island
7. Three's Company & Brady Bunch
8. anything on Discovery Health Channel

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Went to Poulsbo 1st Wards Primary Program
2. Went to Silverdale 6th Wards Primary Program
3. Went to Kingstons Ward Conference
4. Went to David and Geeta's for a quick snack (fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic. Yum!) after being at church from 9am-4pm.
5. Had dinner at the Holcombs
6. Frosted cupcakes for Noah's birthday dinner
7. Put Apollo to bed
8. Watched half of ER from 1 1/2 weeks ago before falling to sleep

8 things to look forward to:

1. Sascha's school musical (happening tomorrow)
2. Volleyball on Thursdays
3. Danny, Denise & kids coming for Thanksgiving, Yay!!!
4. Making caramel apples and playing Apples to Apples tonight
5. Getting my house organized!
6. ALL my boys getting haircuts!
7. Losing weight and then gaining a little (With a pregnancy. No, I'm not prego right now. I'd like to lose some heftiness first. I know it sounds whack.)
8. Getting rid of cable TV. I can watch shows on Hulu, Hello!!!

8 Favorite restaurants:

1. Chicken Express (fabulous Greek food in Salt Lake City)
2. Grove Deli (fabulous sandwiches in Salt Lake also)
3. El Pollo Loco (for their loco salads with the yum house dressing that has cilantro in it)
4. In 'N Out (my hubby's going to be surprised I'd list this, but they do have yummy burgers and shakes and fries. And I'm not even much of a burger fan.)
5. Sunny Teriyaki (yummy Bento Box)
6. Anthony's (fresh seafood and super yummy fish tacos)
7. Red Lobster (you know what it is)
8. Aroy Dy's (superb Thai food)

8 Things on my wish list:

1. Baseboards to be finished
2. Doors to be painted
3. Mental Floss! (I'm keeping this one that my listed. I love it!)
4. Faster computer (wouldn't mind an Apple either)
5. Housecleaner
6. Updated Vehicle. Ours is a '97 Chevy Venture which has treated us well. Has about 97,000 miles(loved the Suburban we rented in CA last year. Superb gas guzzler though)
7. A vacation!!! (possibly to Great Wolf Lodge or Disneyland, what the heck?)
8. A repaired economy

8 people I tag:

1. Steve G.
2. Emilee F.
3. Jessie C.
4. Kristi R.
5. Sarah G.
6. Kaitlyn F.
7. Gina C.
8. Apreal B.

Sailor Outfit

I had the top picture taken back in April of 2001 of Sascha and Sarah.

And then back in August of 2007 I took the bottom picture of Sascha, Apollo and Sarah. Can you see the resemblance of the boys wearing the same exact outfit? If I had taken the picture of Apollo looking upward they probably would have resembled each other even more. It's fun to look at Sascha's scrapbooks and see how much they look alike.

For the past two weeks I've missed out on one of my favorite shows, ER. It just so happens that every Thursday evening I go play volleyball, which is one of my favorite sports to play. That's also the same evening as ER. Mind you, this is the VERY LAST season. boo hoo.

I have a couple of friends who Tivo the show. By the time I asked them if they still had the epsiode, they had already deleted it. That's when one of those friends let me in on a little secret. You can watch movies and tv shows for free on this website called hulu. I was so happy! Now I can catch the shows I missed anytime I want. Thought I'd pass this tip along to you.

Illahee Held Hostage No More!

I am in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!! I keep pinching myself to make sure it's not just a dream. Because of this road closure, we've had to take a detour for the last nine months to get here and there and everywhere. Sascha's five minute bus ride to school turned into a twenty five minute ride because of the washout. The day the road opened (this last Thursday) I was so excited that I had to take a drive on it and drove Sascha right to his school after piano lessons and let him play on the playground for five minutes. I've had to stop myself a few times before I went the long way around now that this road is open. I've really missed taking the beautiful drive along the waterfront over by Burke Bay, which I can do now. Yay!!!! I just had to share in my excitement and joy! If you're interested in the story which was on the front page of the Kitsap Sun, here ya go:

Traffic is flowing again over the portion of Illahee Road lost in last December's storm. Although some finish work remains to be done, the stretch between Brownsville Elementary and University Point opened Thursday afternoon.
The record-breaking Dec. 3 deluge washed out a swath of street 120 feet long and 45 feet deep, taking with it an 18-inch, 70-year-old culvert.
Contractor RV & Associates of Port Orchard replaced the culvert with a new corrugated metal one that's 10-foot-wide and allows fish to pass, said Kitsap County Public Works spokesman Doug Bear. Gravel and boulders were placed in it to replicate a stream bed. About 18,000 cubic yards of material was needed to fill the hole around it.
The project cost $591,000, Bear said. Most of it will be paid for with federal funds. The money comes with a time-consuming permitting procedure, however, that stretched the project to more than 10 months. The county began designing the replacement culvert immediately after the storm, but the contractor didn't begin work until August. Once RV & Associates got on site, it needed just 40 working days to complete the job, Bear said.
"It's been a challenging project," said Kitsap County Commissioner Josh Brown, who took heat from residents frustrated by the delay. "I know it's been very inconvenient for area residents, and we appreciate their patience during the repairs."
Brown will host a community celebration at the site at 10 a.m. next Thursday at the site. He, Public Works officials and community members will speak.

Steve Was On TV!

Here's a clip from TVW (Washington State Public Affairs TV Network), which I'm sure nobody watches, but I thought it was worthy of posting here since my very own Steve Gardner was featured on part of it. If you want to forward ahead to the part where he's speaking, go to 20:55. I'm so proud of my Honeybob 8-)

Goofy Floppy Head

Yes, we Fyffes have a goofy type of humor as you will see in this video of my brother, Danny that I threw together. Of course I had to use one of my favorite songs which fit well with the subject matter:

Hunter Farms Pics

Here were some whoppers:

They had several animals including: pigs, emus, mountain goats, llamas, miniature ponies, chickens, roosters, rabbits, reindeer and cows.

Here's the hay maze that the kids were so looking forward to. Sascha led Apollo around in it. They had a blast!

If you look hard enough you can see the boys:

Ungle Deeb:

We had to weigh our Punkin'

Unfortunately both of our cameras ran out of batteries. We bought more in their little shop and each time I put the new batteries in the camera, it only had enough juice for one picture. I was bummed! So there are no pics of the hay ride and the pumpkin patch and corn maze. And our pumpkins. Sascha got an enormous green one.

Since today is Columbus Day the kids are home from school. We pulled out all the Halloween/Fall decorations and started carving their pumpkins. And Apollo has learned a new trick. He climbs onto a chair so he can climb into his high chair. I'm not thrilled one bit about it. And... he can now unlock the back sliding glass door which I'm really unthrilled about since we have a deck that's three stories up. I'll have to figure something....

Barking Moth

These are my cutie pie nieces Hannah (holding the moth) and Lucy (touching the moth) on the temple grounds on the day of Duncan and Kaitlyn's wedding. They're being recorded by my brother, David. My kids love watching this over and over, laughing their insides out. Hope this tickles your eyebrows as well. Enjoy:

Birthday Celebrations

We've had a few birthday celebrations in the last month. I have a tradition of making whatever dessert the birthday person desires as you will see down below.

I was trying out the panoramic effect on my digital. Not bad eh? Hard to tell where I stitched the pictures together isn't it? Sometime I'll have to have the same person in each shot so there'll be triplets! Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Cute Punkin'! And no, he's not holding a diaper. They're tissues...

Christian's dessert of choice was a chocolate torte cake. I must add that I recycle my candles (I know I'm cheap). It was perfect for Christian this year because I actually had the exact numbers for his age. Lucky Pode:

By the way, these are some posters I designed and had blown up at Costco and then framed for his birthday to hang on his wall. FYI-Tay is the East Indian guy with a very deep voice who sings "Chocolate Rain" on YouTube. Kik is one of Christian's nicknames. This pic was taken at Cub Scout Camp last summer. He was getting ready for the shooting range:

Another of Christian's nicknames is Pode. Therefore...

Sidney didn't really decide what she wanted, so I made her a Butterfinger Ice Cream dessert cake. She was very pleased...

I know, I know... recycled candles. But hey, I'm being earth friendly eh? I think those polka dot candles have seen their last day 8-)

Teesha chose a caramel apple cheesecake for her dessert:

I designed this driver's license for her and had my brother Duncan blow it up into a 2' x 3' poster, laminated and mounted. I also had a bunch of these made into wallet size drivers licenses, laminated and all, to hand out as party favors when she had her surprise party in Utah.

For Geeta's birthday she chose anything pumpkin. So Steve made his famous pumpkin pie bars. We served them with pumpkin and vanilla ice cream. Very fall-ish.

They were such a hit everyone wanted seconds...

Later we ran over to Hunter Farms over in Union to keep celebrating Geeta's bday. They had a hay maze, corn maze, variety of animals and we took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins. I'll post more on that later when I get my pics from Deeb.

The Dizzy Show, Starring Apollo

Song: Penguin Lament from the album, Dog Train
Performed by: John Ondrasik

Craig Update October 11th

Here's an e mail I received yesterday:

Hi Everyone

Below is a message from Craig's sons Todd & Ryan, Craig is back in Silverale at Northwoods, room 119, a very nice private room. Craig arrived today (Friday, October 10th.) around 5:00 PM and is now resting from the long trip over here. Dad is doing real good these days. He's been at Harborview in Seattle for the past month for In-Patient physical therapy and has progressed to the point of being discharged from their care and is back at Northwoods in Silverdale. Just a couple of progress points for his release was that he is able to get from the wheelchair to bed and back with little help, safely walk around the house, retain memory and work on some problems solving skills, eating and drinking without difficulties, know what medications he needs and when, and safely go out into the community. As a surprise to Joanie and myself for his discharge meeting he was able to walk the hallway of the hospital to the meeting room for his discharge meeting. The Physical Therapist at his side said he was holding on as a backup and when Dad got ahead of himself he was able to balance himself back. Quite remarkable after 3 months when we were in the ICU agonizing at what his future would be!!!! Again, Dad is back in Silverdale at Northwoods and I encourage those who have not seen him for a while to stop by and see how much progress he has made.

Etude in E Major

Since I was recently on the subject of piano, I thought I'd share a video I just made. This is my Dad playing Etude in E Major at his Mom's funeral. That was her favorite song that he'd play. Since this is the original of him playing at the funeral it's not a super clear sound, but I still love to listen to it. I added a bunch of old family pics to look at while listening.

Some little tidbits: When my Dad was younger he used to practice for FOUR hours a day!!! He has performed a lot throughout his lifetime. I loved listening to my Dad playing his scales and a few piano pieces before he left for work each day. I really missed hearing that after he passed away. Anyway, enjoy:

Craig Update October 5th

This picture has no reference to this post. Blogs are always funner to read when a picture's involved.

Here's an update I received in my e mail yesterday about Craig:

Hi EveryoneI talked to Craig today at Harborview and he said he'll be coming back to this side on Friday and staying at Northwoods again. He said he was very tired from all the hard workouts and needs a rest.He said he felt like he had done pretty good and has improved during his stay at Harborview. It will be great to have him back home so he can have more visitors, as he needs all the encouragement from his friends he can get.He was really excited to be able to talk to Steve Scott, Jim Buckingham and Gene Lewis this morning. He stated that he missed seeing everyone at meetings and events and said to tell everyone Hi.Though he has made great strides in his rehab, Craig still has a long way to go, as he won't be running any foot races or driving any time soon, his speech has improved greatly, he's walking pretty good with assistance, only short distances though, as he still don't have full use of the left side and he still has a problem with double vision.When he arrives back here at Northwoods, I will send out information on his room number,etc. and hope that many of his many friends will stop by and visit with him.Again, thank you all for your support of Craig and your thoughts and prayers for his speedy recovery and rehabilitation. Ken


I'm going through a little bit of mourning (I know it sounds dramatic) with Sarah's decision of not wanting to play the piano. She truly has a talent for it and I was hoping she would become a great pianist like her Grandpa Don. She's been stressing out a lot lately with school homework piling up (She's in the gifted program at Emerald Heights and she got a week behind when we went to Utah), chores at home, and I'm sure hormones play a part. She's also started up the violin in the school orchestra. I hope that she'll change her mind in the near future and have the desire to get back on the piano again. I LOVED listening to her play. On a lighter note, Sascha is continuing and doing very well. He passed off both of his songs at his first lesson of the season yesterday and is three songs away from passing off the level. Yay Sascha!

This video of Sarah was taken almost two years ago when she was just eight years old. She was practicing at her piano teacher, Cami Segebergs' house.

More Wedding Pics I Promised

The gorgeous and happy couple, Duncan and Kaitlyn. They're going to have the cutest, smiley eyed kids ever, wouldn't you agree?

Kaitlyn with her Ma and Pa:


The huge wedding party:

All ten of the Fyffe siblings are shown in this pic. Okay, I'll name them all in order from oldest to youngest: Donnie, Debbie, David, Dolly, Dorie, Danny, Diana, Dallin, Devin and Duncan. Quite impressive eh?

These are Kaitlyn's siblings, minus her brother who is on a mission right now. Altogether she has three sisters and two brothers. I have to throw in a funny little story here. Duncan rented ties for all the married brothers. He missed one small detail... the length! He rented the tuxedo ties not knowing they were shorter than regular ties. We all had a good laugh and will always remember that fun little story.