I've Been Tagged...

Nothing like being tagged when you're super busy and supposed to be doing other things. Thanks for tagging me Fireball!

8 Favorite TV shows:

1. Lost
2. ER
3. Dancing With the Stars
4. Intervention
5. Supernanny
6. The Love Boat & Fantasy Island
7. Three's Company & Brady Bunch
8. anything on Discovery Health Channel

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Went to Poulsbo 1st Wards Primary Program
2. Went to Silverdale 6th Wards Primary Program
3. Went to Kingstons Ward Conference
4. Went to David and Geeta's for a quick snack (fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic. Yum!) after being at church from 9am-4pm.
5. Had dinner at the Holcombs
6. Frosted cupcakes for Noah's birthday dinner
7. Put Apollo to bed
8. Watched half of ER from 1 1/2 weeks ago before falling to sleep

8 things to look forward to:

1. Sascha's school musical (happening tomorrow)
2. Volleyball on Thursdays
3. Danny, Denise & kids coming for Thanksgiving, Yay!!!
4. Making caramel apples and playing Apples to Apples tonight
5. Getting my house organized!
6. ALL my boys getting haircuts!
7. Losing weight and then gaining a little (With a pregnancy. No, I'm not prego right now. I'd like to lose some heftiness first. I know it sounds whack.)
8. Getting rid of cable TV. I can watch shows on Hulu, Hello!!!

8 Favorite restaurants:

1. Chicken Express (fabulous Greek food in Salt Lake City)
2. Grove Deli (fabulous sandwiches in Salt Lake also)
3. El Pollo Loco (for their loco salads with the yum house dressing that has cilantro in it)
4. In 'N Out (my hubby's going to be surprised I'd list this, but they do have yummy burgers and shakes and fries. And I'm not even much of a burger fan.)
5. Sunny Teriyaki (yummy Bento Box)
6. Anthony's (fresh seafood and super yummy fish tacos)
7. Red Lobster (you know what it is)
8. Aroy Dy's (superb Thai food)

8 Things on my wish list:

1. Baseboards to be finished
2. Doors to be painted
3. Mental Floss! (I'm keeping this one that my listed. I love it!)
4. Faster computer (wouldn't mind an Apple either)
5. Housecleaner
6. Updated Vehicle. Ours is a '97 Chevy Venture which has treated us well. Has about 97,000 miles(loved the Suburban we rented in CA last year. Superb gas guzzler though)
7. A vacation!!! (possibly to Great Wolf Lodge or Disneyland, what the heck?)
8. A repaired economy

8 people I tag:

1. Steve G.
2. Emilee F.
3. Jessie C.
4. Kristi R.
5. Sarah G.
6. Kaitlyn F.
7. Gina C.
8. Apreal B.
3 Responses

  1. Fireball Says:

    I am so proud that volleyball made your "things to look forward to" list, despite those bruises!

  2. Thanks for the Tag!
    I remember that Greek place.