More Wedding Pics I Promised

The gorgeous and happy couple, Duncan and Kaitlyn. They're going to have the cutest, smiley eyed kids ever, wouldn't you agree?

Kaitlyn with her Ma and Pa:


The huge wedding party:

All ten of the Fyffe siblings are shown in this pic. Okay, I'll name them all in order from oldest to youngest: Donnie, Debbie, David, Dolly, Dorie, Danny, Diana, Dallin, Devin and Duncan. Quite impressive eh?

These are Kaitlyn's siblings, minus her brother who is on a mission right now. Altogether she has three sisters and two brothers. I have to throw in a funny little story here. Duncan rented ties for all the married brothers. He missed one small detail... the length! He rented the tuxedo ties not knowing they were shorter than regular ties. We all had a good laugh and will always remember that fun little story.
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