Wordless Wednesday

White Elephant Christmas Party

Good times were had by all at our white elephant Christmas party. After filling our bellies on the potluck dishes we started out with the "Left, Right" game. Steve read the story and every time he said "left" or "right" the gift had to be passed one time that way. In the end, whoever was holding the gift got to unwrap and keep it.

We then proceeded with another game where you take turns unwrapping the gift (which had been wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper and tape) in the middle of the circle, using only oven mitts and wearing the hideous reindeer headband. Every time someone rolled doubles on the dice, they then got a turn, and so on, and so forth. After that we had the kids start their white elephant. Afterwards the adults did theirs. Many a funny gift was unwrapped and stolen (believe it or not), like a coffee maker, etc....

Dianna Byron was first to roll doubles for the unwrap the gift with oven mitts game:

Jacob Byron took a go at it:

Here's Lindsay Holcomb trying...

Kaitlyn was voted most photogenic...

Sascha almost had it opened when Sarah rolled doubles right at the end and won!

Here's the Segebergs FABULOUS gifts...

Errol was proud of the coffee maker he scored, only to have it stolen by Steve, who then had it stolen by LaRee who wanted to make sure it stayed in the family...

Luckily, Errol ended up with something else that he liked and NEEDED:

Chris Byron ended up with sweet antenae's:

Oh my Linsday!

I found out that later that evening, Teesha put these boxers on over her pants and had a snowball fight with her friend.

LaRee, Me and Kaitlyn...

I ended up with this air freshener and some Christmas socks (which I stole from someone else). A little tidbit: Apollo LOVES Spongebob and calls him su-bod.

Noah actually stole this "Littlest Petshop" toy from Tracy who was very heartbroken. Funny thing is, I think this is mostly a girlie toy... hmmm.....

Rock on Dude!

Me bro, Deeb and Geeta...

Lindsay and Ping...

Sarah and Sidney...

Chris (1st counselor in the bishopric) and Emily...

Cami (kids piano teacher) and her hubby Heath:

Dianna (since she moved into the Brownsville ward before we did, she has seniority, so I'm Diana Jr. and she's Diana Sr.) and LaRoo (LaRee)

Apollo and one of his favorites, Uncle Duncan. Apollo says: du'kin.
Thanks everyone for making it a superbly fun night!

And it Keeps Piling On

Yesterday Sarah and I needed to run some errands. No luck escaping in my van. Fortunately Steve had put chains on his tires just in case we needed to get out. I was willing to put them to good use. As you'll see in this pic, his car is to the very left parked in our neighbors driveway. My van was just beside his car.

This pic of Steve's car was taken from our living room window. Not bad eh?

We were able to get around just fine with the chains on. Once we hit the main roads it was a little embarrassing since you can't go above 30 mph. Plus, there's the clank-clank-clank sound. The price I payed... But it was nice to get out! And I was able to deliver one of my gifts to a friend who lived along the way. They were snowed in with both vehicles stuck.
Here's some more shots I took from our house:

Steve took these pics. Apollo had his first face to face with Santa and Frosty:

Lovin' the snow...

Sascha biting it on his way down the "Gardner Luge"

Sarah's turn:

Apollo couldn't resist the snow. Even with bare feet and all. He didn't get to stay out long though. His feet got too cold. brrrrr!

Sarah in the loco snow!

My poor plants, which I might add just had some more blooms starting on my geraniums...

Happy Shortest Day of the Year (and first day of winter)!

After today, the days will get progressively longer. Yahoo!!!!

Gods Dandruff

Pardon my title post. I must give credit to Jessie Crook for her comment on Facebook: "Jessie is going to play in God's dandruff." I thought it was too original not to pass along.

Apollo's hands got a little red after pulling off his mittens and playing with his sand toys. You can see the shiver in his eyes.

So this was our driveway this morning. Apollo missed his well check this morning because we couldn't get out of the driveway in time. Had I known it was supposed to snow overnight I would have parked up top.

I shoveled just enough snow off the driveway so the kids could still use it as a luge to slide down (a favorite pasttime here at Gardner Villa). This driveway definitely has it's "ups" and "downs". Pun intended. While shoveling, my neighbors came over to help sprinkle sand and cat litter for extra traction. LOVE this neighborhood. It only took me TWO tries and I was up and out! Then Steve came out to move his car and later said I could blog about the fact that he couldn't get his car up the driveway. But when I took over, voila.... FIRST try and I was up and out! It just needed a woman's touch. Oh yeah!

That's right.... Me gloating in all my glory!