Go Crushers!

These are warm-up shots that were taken before a game a couple of weeks ago on my cell phone, thus the quality, or lack of.

This is Sarah’s first year of playing organized basketball and she’s playing on a team of girls who've all played before. Over the weeks she has continued to improve.
Tonight the substitute coach (her coach is out of town on business) walked up to her before the game and told her she was going to be playing a lot that night (she usually only gets to play for a few minutes each game).

Sure enough, within about five minutes into the game Sarah went in as a substitute. Shortly after she went in a teammate passed her the ball near the baseline. Sarah turned around, shot and scored her first basket of the season! She also got a steal, which was really awesome because you could see she was watching where the other player was going to pass it. Sarah moved into place and snagged the ball and passed it right away to the team’s point guard, Elena.

Of course, the most important part is her team won 40-22. They all played really well. The Crushers, Sarah’s team, were incredibly aggressive on defense and tonight a ref said there seemed to be a jump ball every 30 seconds. All the girls are doing really well and improving. They lost their first two games, the first one by one point and the second one by two. They’ve won four since, by pretty big margins and lost a pretty lopsided one, too (every one of those girls were strong players and amazing shooters).

They’re great kids and it was fun to see Sarah’s teammates so excited for her tonight, going out of their way to congratulate her on her game. One of her teammates scored 16 points. Another one was her usual dervish self on the floor stealing the ball every instant and throwing up an impressive frozen rope. All but one player scored (that player almost did though).

Way to make your parents proud Sarah!!!

These are pics taken a few weeks ago at Olympic High where Sarah's team got to scrimmage with another team during half-time of the Oly girls senior varsity team.
We were pleasantly surprised to see Lindsay there (her jr. varsity team played just before the senior varsity) rootin' on the Olympic Trojans!

After Sarah's scrimmage she got to come sit with us and enjoy watching the much older girls play.

Lindsay painted Apollo's face to show team spirit for the Trojans. She even took him over to play on some of the snare drums of the band members. Apollo was in HEAVEN! Peek-a-boo Honeybob... 8-)

Happy Birthday Honeybob!

48 years ago today, history was made...

 Some words to describe Honeybob:

caring, loving, loyal, trusting, funny, handsome,
patient, kind, helpful, thoughtful, honest, intelligent,
witty, passionate, down to earth, kind, creative,
easy going, fair, and compassionate,
just to name a few.

Here's to YOU Honeybob!!!
Hope you have an amazing day!

Nobody can say it better than Stevie:

Oh Rufus....

I got my hopes up.
I was informed that Rufus Wainright was coming to the Seattle Symphony this November.
Not so.
It was last November of 2009.
Oh Rufus...
Wish you were coming THIS year.
If you are, I'll BE there!
But since you probably aren't, I'll just watch your amazing vids on YouTube.
Here's one I'd like to share.
"Across the Universe"
A Beatles song.
And yes, that is Dakota Fanning:

Am I Real?

It was fun seeing some of my nieces and nephews in this music video made by my brother, David.
"Am I Real?"

Love Is Light Master

My brother David has all sorts of amazing talents.
To name a few: music, art, cooking, Mr. fix-anything and everything, etc....
 So without further adieu, here's his latest music project...
"Love Is Light Master"

Live, Love, Cruise... Part 2

Part 2 of the cruise pics. For Part 1 click here.
Again, click on any of the mosaics and panoramics to get a better view 8-)

Fun day in Ensanada:

This store we went into was amazing with palm trees growing out of the glass roof. There were also some pretty amazing sculptures made out of mud. I liked the mother's womb showing the baby growing inside (sorry 'bout the peep show....lol)

If you look hard you can see Dolly by the guy selling the bracelets on the right hand side.
Some pretty amazing cacti:

The Mayan calendar to the left was actually a huge piece on the side of a building. I should have taken a pic of it with someone standing close. I actually bought a smaller version for my bro and his wife in the middle pic.

In case you would like to rent a junior suite for just 4 hours...

On our walk back to the ship we passed by this area with a bunch of teenagers breakdancing. There was one guy in purple skinny jeans riding his skateboard. Sarah LOVES purple skinny jeans (and guys too, probably), so I tried to get a pic without him noticing:
Didn't turn out so well. My sister stopped him and asked if we could take his pic (not that he understood), and he posed for us. Yay! Love the shirt with the "F" on it. For Fyffe, I'm sure 8-)

We also passed by these little boys that were selling neclaces for their mom or grandma. Couldn't tell. They were totally trained and wanted top dollar. Dolly ended up buying one neclace and gave each boy a dollar. Notice their poor little dirty toes...

Mexican sushi anyone? I didn't think so... They actually tell you on the cruise not to drink any of the water in Mexico (unless it's bottled) or you could become seriously ill. We ended up just eating a protein bar until we got back on the ship around 5pm.
If you chance to meet a crack, do not look away, quickly grab your camera for a snappy pic today (you know the tune...)!

Steph and I couldn't resist and had to embrace the Nacho in us. Could the towel creature be a crab perhaps? Last evening on the ship. We docked back in San Diego around 6am. We grabbed some breakfast and were off the ship by 9:30-ish.

Once off the ship we had some time to kill until our flight left at almost 5pm. So, we hopped on a buggy pulled by this nice fellow and he gave us a 30 minute tour of the San Diego waterfront. It was great! Poor guy though... he had to pull all three of us and ALL of our luggage.
Steph payed for the tour including a huge tip to our very sweaty driver. Thanks Steph!!!

I will forever remember this amazing girls getaway!
Thanks again Stephanie and Dolly!!!
You guys ROCK!!!

Happy February and New Blog Design!

Happy February everyone! This is the beginning of the 14 days of Valentines, with Honeybob being the recipient. Each year we take turns and this year it's mine. We've been doing this for about 10 years now ever since I went to an enrichment class giving us ideas on how to do it. Each year we have to be a little more creative (or not) figuring out what fun things to give/do. Maybe one of these times he'll surprise me with some sort of a getaway???? hmmm....

Also, Happy New Blog Design to me!!! I've been getting so tired of my old blog design. I surely appreciated the nice visual effect she provided, but it was definitely time to say farewell. Especially since I still had the header decorated with Christmas decor. Hello?!? I've been itching for a plain and simple blog that I can design new headers for as I see fit. Thus, Blanche. Okay, I didn't really name her that, but I did give that name to my beloved Honda Accord after I purchased her way back when. Yes, she was white.
Anyway, hope you like the new design as much as I do!

Let Them Eat Cake!

It is the season for making Birthday cakes.
My first experience using fondant on a cake was for Lindsay's (LaRee's daughter) birthday. Instead of paying a bakery to make the cake, she bought me all the supplies (including cake mix, frosting, pre-made fondant, cake lifter, fondant smoother, cutter shapes, and color gels) so I could make one to her specifications. I got to keep them all too! Thanks LaRee!

I baked four layers (2 each) and put filling in the middle of each layer. Then I frosted them so the fondant would stick to the cake.
I then used all the muscle that I could muster and kneaded and kneaded and kneaded, etc.... until it was nice and pliable enough to roll out onto a powdered sugar laden counter top. My arms and shoulders were sore for three days afterwards, no joke!
Working with the fondant was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated.
I tinted some of the fondant to make pink and black flower stars and the numbers. I also tinted some sugar crystals to add some sparkle. Everything was edible except for pink and silver ribbon.
Here's the finished product:
If you're ever curious and want to make up some yourself, here's the website, Piece-A-Cake, that I got some tips and fondant recipes from.
I ended up making the marshmallow fondant recipe for Jayce's (LaRee's son) birthday dinner cake. It was super easy to make. This cake was supposed to be a gator green (his football team), but I ran out of food coloring:
I used up some of the leftover fondant from Lindsay's sixteenth birthday cake to make this birthday cake for her(I know, she got two cakes, but one was for her big bash with her friends, and the one below was a nice simple cake for her birthday dinner):

Since we're on the subject, I must share this amazing blog that I've come across recently. It has THE WORST cakes I've ever seen!!! So fun for a chortle....   Cake Wrecks. Okay, it does have some cute ones thrown in there too, to make up for the hideous ones. Go check it out now!!!