Gingerbread Man Dance

Here's a little something to help cheer up anyone who's also feeling bummed about the latest snow fall.

No More Snow!!!

How welcoming it's been to see all the trees blossoming and daffodils blooming and rhododendrons blooming and birds singing and bees-a-buzzing. Okay, I don't know about that last part. And then on Friday we get SNOWed upon! I had to escape to the nearest mall and avoid what was going on outside. It was a good idea because I found some killer 90% off deals at Kohl's. Then on Saturday the kids and I were having dinner at Sizzler (while Steve was over in Seattle at the Bruce Springsteen concert) and lo' and behold it's pouring SNOW outside the restaurant. I think Apollo was the only one who appreciated it. His big smiles told me that he liked the way it felt on his face. It's almost April for crying out loud! It only snows here about 2 or 3 times a year. This last winter has been unusually snowy. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. I'm really craving sunshine and warmth. The beautifully bloomed, purple azaela bush in my front yard tells me that mother nature is playing tricks on us. I hope she'll realize that after April 1st, there's no more joking around.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started out eventful for me. I woke up around 3am and was having a hard time getting full breaths of air (I started feeling sick on Friday with scratchiness in the back of my throat along with a headache, fever, chills, etc...). I had Steve wake up and comfort me and try to decide what we should do. After relaxing more I was able to breath better and wait until daylight to go to Prompt Care. Luckily Teesha slept over the night before and was able to be with the kids.

While we were in the waiting area I watched people as they would walk in and I thought how miserable it would be to have everyone's sicknesses all at once. Then I remembered that our Savior did just that. He took upon himself everyone's sicknesses and sins. It was such a strong reminder for me and on such a perfect day to remember, Easter. I felt so much gratitude for my Savior in that moment.
I ended up having chest x-rays taken and found out that I have a bronchial infection that could have turned into pneumonia. I'm so glad I went in sooner than later. I was already feeling like schklaboogie. I got some antibiotics and went home.

I had already invited the Fyffe's and the Holcomb's over for Easter dinner and I didn't want to cancel just because of me, so we still went ahead with it. I just let everyone else take over while I sat in the living room with my blanket, water bottle and box of tissues. Everyone took great care in pulling everything together with getting dinner ready and helping out with Apollo. Sidney H. had a mini lesson planned about the Savior and showed a little movie that went along with it. David brought over a unique item that I would like to post a picture of as soon as he sends me one. They're called Poop's. They look and taste just like Peep's but they're brown and chocolately. They were a big hit! He also put together a mini easter egg hunt for the younger kids. They enjoyed themselves and ended up with easter eggs filled with coins, candy and toys.

I was bummed that I missed church especially since it was the Easter program put together by Cami Segeberg. She always does a fantastic job. I'm sure next year I'll be in a better situation 8-)


Back in February I decided to let Apollo have his first go at eating applesauce all by himself. I expected the mess and oh boy did he ever make one! And he enjoyed every second of it. I actually haven't been brave enough to let him do it again. I'll have to soon enough. I actually bought him a bowl that suctions onto his tray, but he managed to pull it right off the first time I gave it to him. Frustrating!!!

Oh Canada...

Hayden and Malachi
Keenan, Dolly, Bevin, Hayden
Takoda, Malachi, Montana and Talon

We took a very short jaunt up across the border into Surrey, BC to attend my nephew, Malachi's baptism. David and his kids came along in our van with me and my kids. Geeta had to stay home and work and Steve stayed home (actually spent Saturday in Seattle seeing sights and visiting the DuBois')to be with his brother Jim who was visiting from Hawaii. We made it over the border probably around 2pm after making a few stops along the way for oil, lunch and wiper blades.

After arriving at the McMullins and greeting everyone David and Bevin took the kids out for a ride to the beach and to the playground. I stayed behind and helped Dolly with household duties. How she does it with six kids with all their schedules (sports, school, church, etc...), delivering papers, doing her calling, keeping the house kept up, shopping, making dinner, etc.... I give her a big ten thumbs way up! I wish we lived closer so I could help her out more. I'm sure things are getting a bit easier in one sense, since the twins are in kindergarten and things will be even better when they're in first grade. That evening we were creative with the sleeping arrangements for the night. Apollo and Sarah slept in with Montana (I took a portacrib), Sascha slept in with Talon, Takoda and Malachi and Teesha slept in the TV room on the couch while Christian and I slept on the couches in the living room with David on the floor on the blow-up mattress.

After we'd all gone down for the night, I was trying to sneak some proof of David sawing some serious lumber. Usually when Steve's doing that at home I just give the bed a good hard thump and he stops. Well, with David on the ground, it wasn't as easy. Anyway, I pulled out my cell phone and pressed the record button when a loud, "LOOK HERE" played as well as a nice spotlight flashing on. I totally forgot that it says that when you're about to record. I was cracking up. It did stop him from snoring for the most part. Later the next day I heard that I was doing some sawing of my own during the night. I guess we're related 8-)

The McMullin's ward started at 9:30 and Ungle Deeb had Apollo most of the time. It was a nice break for me. Everyone's great with helping out. It's so nice having family around. Teesha and I went to YW with Dolly since that's where her calling is. There were probably only about 7-8 girls total in the whole YW. It almost seemed like there were more leaders than girls. Crazy!

After church we dropped the younger kids off at the house while us older kids drove around a little bit so Apollo could sleep longer. We enjoyed more scenery down by the beach. I had to break the Sabbath and buy Steve a box of Shreddies which he specifically requested. I blame him!!! We ran back to the house, cleaned up a little and ran out the door to the baptism.

A neat little tidbit about the day Malachi was baptized (March 9th) is that it was also Grandpa Don's birthday. And also on the cover of The Friend magazine back in March of 2000 there is a picture of a boy preparing for his baptism. Grandma Sandra brought that to Dolly's attention. So Dolly ended up checking out that issue at their library and showing it during her talk. Dolly gave a super talk on Baptism and even sang a solo to Malachi. Later she said that Malachi was mouthing the words of the song while she was singing it. Very cute!

Later on after Hayden performed the baptism, I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. I always do my fun little goodie bag full of things to remind us of the Holy Ghost. Malachi listened intently while I gave the talk. He's such a sweet boy. Later on, the bishopric counselor said that he was expecting me to start pulling out a lamp like Mary Poppins does. It was quite hilar.

Then it was back to the house to load up the van and grab some grub (barbecue) and head out the door. We had a great visit. It was fun seeing how everyone had grown. Next time we'll have to plan a longer trip. The border was about an hour wait getting into the U.S. where it was only about 10 minutes getting into Canada. hmmmm... We'd already taken the ferry over on the way up so we ended up driving all the way home. Who knows if it saved us money or not since gas prices are outrageous. It's around $3.50 a gallon. And that's if you can find a bargain. It was a fun, short road trip and everyone behaved for the most part. So until the next one.... Toodles!

You're my Sweetie Pie

My brother Duncan let me hear the song on his cell phone one day so here it is now on my blog, video and all...

Charlie Bit Me!

One day I had a little extra time on my hands and decided to browse around on YouTube when I came across this hilarious video....

Walk it Out Old School

These ladies were dancing on the Ed Sullivan Show back in the '60's to a song called Mexican Breakfast by Gwen Verdon. Someone added some updated music to it so now it looks like they were supposed to be dancing in our time. It's pretty sweet!

Apollo's Turning One!

I don't want to Mom!!!!

Heavy in concentration

I've never tasted anything so yummy!

You can even wear it!

Gosh... I get attention too?
Fun was had by all at Apollo's First Birthday celebration. His actual birth date is March 8th, but we'll be gone next Sunday for Malachi's baptism so we had it yesterday, here at the house. Our guests included David and Geeta's family, Duncan and Kaitlyn and the Holcombs (adopted family). The menu was taco salad, with David's homemade salsa w/lime being my fav (yum!). I made Apollo's cakes to a Cheerios theme (his personal fav) . Sarah came up with the great idea. By the time we started singing to Apollo, he'd had it. Was NOT having fun. Little did he know how MUCH fun he'd be having minutes after. We plopped him into his high chair and let him have-at-it. He was happy as pie, eating his cake! Kaitlyn was a saint by cleaning him up, bath and all after he was done. We also sang to Steve, who's birthday was on Feb. 23rd. I did most of the gift opening with Apollo sitting in my lap. He was given some splendid gifts, including new stylin' outfits, bath toys, cheerios, and a new car seat from Grandpa! It should be arriving by the end of the week.

Some hard facts: I am so blessed to have such a sweet, happy baby. He took his first steps a few weeks ago and is now taking several steps at a time. He's still taking two naps a day and is off his formula. When he's officially one, I'll start weaning him from the bottle. He's growing up! I imagine he weighs almost 22 pounds by now. We'll find out at his 1 year checkup. He loves playing with Sarah and Sascha. A couple of days ago I woke up and found Sascha in the kitchen with Apollo in his high chair feeding him applesauce. What a champ! I was such a proud mama of Sascha. Apollo likes to wave bye bye to his Daddy out the window when he leaves for work each morning. He also likes to go downstairs and visit Grandpa and rock in the little rocking chair and play with Grandpa's videos. He also loves going outside for stroller rides and looking at birds.