Death of a Friend

Yesterday as I was out watering the flowers I noticed a little headstone looking thing. In asking around I found out that Sascha had made it out of a cereal box. He had it nicely set in the ground and buried his furby there. Unfortunately I accidently got water all over it so it got warped and it's hard to read. What it says is this:
Beloved Brother and Cousin
"I told you I was sick!"

Apollo's Newest Trick

Oregon Coast

My brother had a business trip down the coast so I just HAD to invite myself. If I hadn't, I could never have forgiven myself.

It's tradition to eat at Mo's when we visit Cannon Beach:

When entering the area there's a horseback riding farm and a little camping area where you can drive through and spot wild bunnies everywhere.Beautiful Haystack Rock

I had to take a picture of our honeymoon hotel which we got to enjoy 12 years ago. It was also my very first trip to Oregon. And Washington too for that matter.

I know this looks disgusting but it's the clam chowder from Mo's. It's very yummy!

One of Apollo's favorite people in the whole wide world: Ungle Deeb:

While we were at Mo's, I noticed this picture hanging up of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team. I guess Mo's catered to them while they were re-doing a home in Corvallis July '07. Sadly, the little girl who had cancer passed away in December.

Watch out for the BIG GIANT APOLLO!

We stopped off in Ocean Park, WA for an inspection and decided to try out the sand. Unfortunately we got stuck. Fortunately a kind fellow helped us out with his truck:

He preferred the sand and water much more than the swing:

He 's showing off his Tai-Chi moves:

And now he summons the water:

It did obey:

He's always wanted to grow some facial hair:

Seaside boardwalk:
It was actually pretty chilly but we were trying to act like we were boiling up:
didn't really look like it though. I guess we didn't know how to fake it very well:

After waking up Apollo and I went out for a nice morning walk along the boardwalk. Our hotel was just a few blocks from Broadway, which is very convenient. Here's some of the signs we saw along the way:

And Apollo got a nice "bird show" (people feeding the birds loaves of bread):

We had a great time and ended up stopping in Aberdeen, Ocean Park and Ilwaco, WA. We also stopped in Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside and Cannon Beach, OR. What a fun business trip! I'll gladly invite myself again. Thanks Deeb!!!

Newest Addition

Our fridge died. She was about eight years old. Too young to die. But die, she did. She was a black Amana side by side. We bought her used about 2.5 years ago. Never did get the waterline hooked up to her. It sure would have been nice going through morning sickness. Anyway, it was the compressor that took her life. It would have cost about 1/2 the price of a new refrigerator to get her fixed. And even then the new compressors don't last as long as a new refrigerator would. So without further ado ("Ado" means "fuss" or "delay." "Adieu" is not a noun but a complete statement which simply means "goodbye."), here's our newest addition:
Her name is LG LSC27910 Here's the specs :
LSC27910 ° 26.5 Cu. Ft. Total CapacityStyle and Design ° Premium Finishes in Smooth White, Smooth Black, Titanium, and Stainless Steel ° Contour Doors with Hidden Hinges ° Flush-Mount Tall Dispenser ° Matching Commercial HandlesOrganization ° 1 Fixed, 2 Slide-Out Spill-Protector Tempered Glass Shelves ° Door Baskets: 2 Adjustable, 2 Fixed (3 Gallon Size) and Dairy Corner ° 2 Bins ° 1 Plastic Freezer Drawer ° Automatic Ice MakerPerformance ° LED Display: Temperature Level, Water Filter Status Light, Child Lock, IcePlus, Ice and Water Controls ° 7 Digital Sensors ° IcePlus Accelerated Freezing Function ° LoDecibel Quiet Operation ° Door Alarm

Girls Night Out

I had been meaning to host a ladies night since the end of last year and finally did one last Thursday! It was a summer theme to welcome out the sun since it's been so cold lately. Since the party I must say that the weather has been fabulous!
About 70-75 degrees.
Here are some of my fabulous friends pictured from L-R:
Geeta Fyffe (sis-in-law), LaRee Holcomb, Margaret Loveless, Sandy Pitcher.Roberta Ryan, Andrea Lewis, Dianna Byron, Millie Knowles.Alicia Bunting, Jessica Martin, Janice Crook (awesome visiting teacher!)Me, Kaitlyn Nielson (soon to be sis-in-law)Virginia Anderson, Mireya ReddWe had a white elephant gift exchange. Here's some of the stuff we got:

Besides the funky orange towel set from the '70's, here's a couple of the funnier gifts:
Andrea got some Little Swimmers which she can actually use for her daughter this summer. Score!!!!Roberta got a game called "No Brainer!" which is a one person game. I guess you put some contraption on your head and shake your head around looking goofy.
And everyone brought a little something to share for din-din:

We all enjoyed visiting with eachother and having a night out, just us ladies. Everyone left with a little party favor and some fun memories. Thanks everyone for a great evening!!!