Friday the 13th!

My hubby and I were able to attend Sarah's "showcase" at school. It's where you go and see what type of projects they've been working on. I didn't realize that the main part of it was a musical and different plays. We arrived a little late and missed Sarah's intro. We were bummed... We did get to see her in one of the mini plays though. She did great! Steve and I took turns taking Apollo out since his new thing is to yell for no reason. He actually probably has a reason but I haven't figured it out yet. Everyone got to make their own puppets. They did awesome!

I didn't get Sarah at a very good angle. You can hardly see her:
After the plays:

After the showcase everyone walked to Island Lake park from the school. I drove since it's not very stroller friendly. We all ate lunch and let the kids play.

Apollo wanted to climb up to be with the girls:

Sarah with some of her girlfriends:

The one on the left is my friends son:

Apollo wasn't able to get his morning nap, so he fell to sleep on the way home:

Later on in the day it was Buds slumber party to celebrate his birthday (which was at an earlier date). I told him he could only invite 5 friends, so he chose (from left to right) Courtney (his best pal from his school class), next is Bud (himself), Jake (his best pal from K-2nd grade), Nathan and Noah (his best pals from church) and his sis. He had invited one other person but they couldn't make it. A crazy little tidbit: the day before the party, our refrigerator died. And on the day of Sarah's birthday party (a couple of months earlier), our oven died.
***enter Twilight Zone music***We had Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and I fulfilled Bud's request for an Ipod cake:Later on the boys played on the computer, the PS2 and had a talent show outside in our cul-de-sac. Maybe I'll post it later when I upload it. Steve was actually outside videotaping it while I was inside putting the cake together.

Later the boys watched a movie, then fell to sleep. The next morning I came out and this is what I saw:

hmmm.... some little mice visited. There used to be 1/2 of the cake left before we went to sleep. The boys said they had no choice but to eat it since there was nothing else to eat for breakfast. Don't mind that there was milk down in Grandpa's fridge (we're having to share until we get a new one), and cereal, bagels, etc... Nice excuse!

I ended up making "Sweedy" pancakes with strawberries. Courtney asked if he could help. He was a BIG help! During the process, somehow while I wasn't looking, Apollo reached up and grabbed the plate off the counter and snatched up the first two pancakes, one in each hand. The crazy thing is that neither I nor Courtney heard the plate drop to the ground. I think Apollo ended up stealing one or two more later on. Apparently they were delish!

I think Sascha's party was a great success!
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