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Bath & Bodyworks

I will definitely be using this Bath & Bodyworks coupon before Sunday. Click on the link, or copy and paste to view the coupon. The offer is: Free lip item (up to $12 value) with any purchase:



Spring Break

Last year I got to run down to Oregon with my girlfriend LaRee to drop her girls off at her Pop's house for Spring Break. We had a fabulous time and it was nice to have a "just girls" weekend.

This year LaRee's Dad requested (okay, maybe not requested, but invited. Is that the same?)my presence, along with LaRee's, to spend the weekend at his condo in Bend, Oregon. I love that guy!!! How could I pass up such an offer?!? Her Dad was spending the weekend in Bend also, but would be staying in Joe's (LaRee's brother) condo along with Joe, Joe's son and nephew, so we could have our own. Such a gentleman..lol

Here's some pics inside our condo. Unfortunately my camera didn't want to behave and took fuzzy pics. I wish I would have taken them when we first got there so it looked a little cleaner (especially the bedroom), instead I took them when we were on our way out. Oh well. It was a beautiful condo...

We arrived on a beautiful Friday evening meeting up at Joe's condo first. He grilled us some tasty chicken for dinner and then her Papa treated us all to dessert at Shari's.

The next day we all did the outlet stores. I think LaRee's brother Joe outdid us all in shopping. We did find some pretty good deals. I got a $200 coat for $34. After we were all shopped out, Burl treated us to lunch at an amazing place: Longboard Louie's (salmon tacos, halibut tacos, etc...). I would highly recommend it if you're ever in Bend. Afterwards he was nice enough to drive us up to the Mount Bachelor ski resort so I could say that I've been on Bachelor. I definitely didn't wear the right shoes for the occasion:

They had an amazing year for snow as you can see in the pics. Also, notice my shoes in this pic. I had to borrow Burl's that happend to be sitting in the seat behind me:

Joe, his dog Jessie, Burl and LaRee:

Joe's son, Logan. What a cutie:

LaRee's nephew (her sister's son) Christian was taking pictures of us out in the snow. Next thing we know, he has blood dripping down his face. It didn't stop bleeding for quite a while:

Later on LaRee and I decided to hit the movies. It was a good chick flick: He's Just Not That Into You." We decided we better live it up, for in the morning we'd be heading out to go back home, so we rented a movie to watch back at the condo.

Enjoy the ride:

The last day we gathered all of our belongings, wishing that we could have spent another day/night there. We were out by 11am. We stopped by Little Ceasers for some lunch to eat on the way out of town and were on our way back home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

We ended up having to take the long way home since chains were required going back the same way we came. And going up by Mount Hood, the roads were closed because of snow. So we went up heading home through The Dalles. At least the weather was nice and we had a great time chit chatting and playing "name that tune" with songs from LaRee's iPod. We did stop in Centralia briefly to hit a few more outlet stores (not as good as the ones in Bend). Once we hit Gig Harbor we had to make a quick pitstop to have dinner at Panera's. Mmmmm! It's one of LaRee's favorite places to eat so I thought I'd give it a go. Another I would recommend if you're in the area.

We had an amazing weekend and who knows, maybe we'll get to be so privileged next year???


Days of the Week Tags

In my struggle to make life simple, I came across a fabulous idea to help our mornings run more smoothly. It seems as though Sascha is always searching for something to wear. Sometimes (more often than not) he throws his clothes on the ground while searching through his nicely folded and put away clothes, looking for just the right outfit. I would rather he have all of his clothes picked out ahead of time so he can focus on other things and avoid making piles of clean clothes on the ground. Sheesh!

Click here to view the original post for this idea at Living Locurto.

This is the general idea of how it will look (this picture is from the Living Locurto site):

So this evening Sarah and I threw some of these fabulous tags together (she made her own and I made the boys'). I think I'm going to have them laminated so they don't get tattered and torn. Didn't they turn out quite nicely? I may just have to make some for me and the hubs too...

Sarah's tags:

Sascha's tags:

Apollo's tags:


Lucky by Jason Mraz

Here's a girlfriend of mine and her hubby singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Aren't they amazing!? They sang it at our RS birthday dinner.
Click on the link...


I could listen to it over and over again. Hey wait... I do!


Wordless Wednesday

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