One Fall Day

One thing I love about Fall is my tree.
Japanese Maple to be exact.
It doesn't hurt that there's a cute boy standing in front of it.

And and now a handsome man who is on his way to work.

It even looks good in front of my green door.

And it looks good as you come out of the green door and see it paired with it's complimentary color.

Any way you look at it, it IS a pretty amazing tree:)

One of Apollo's favorite things to do when he goes outside to play is jumping on the trampoline. On occasion I'll hop on there with him and am amazed at what childbirth has done to me. No, I'm not leaking, but feel as if something could fall out (if you've had a child or two or three or more, you know what I'm talking about). Yikes!  But I always have fun with him and it makes me feel like a kid again. Apollo's very good at giving me boosts up into the air. Hard to believe since I weigh much more than he does. He's also good at being a shock absorber for when I accidentally boost him. I'm glad there's somewhat of a net around the trampoline.

Another thing he loves is sidewalk chalk. 

And lastly...
I thought it was over but it's not.
The case of the random underwear.
Surely with the weather being chilly out there shouldn't be any reason to be leaving undies outside (even in warm weather there shouldn't be). That would mean: chilled hiney = no fun.
BUT weather change apparently doesn't matter.
Evidence shows...

 Take a closer look....

So don't be alarmed if you stop by and see random undies laying around in our front yard.
Hopefully you don't see a bare hiney too.
Chances are, it'll be this little guy...