First Race Ever!

I've been training to run a 5k for the past eight weeks.
I'm a total beginner at this.
The key word here is "baby steps."
I've been able to run two miles on the treadmill so far.
Since Whaling Days was last weekend,
I thought I'd take advantage of their 1-miler 
before jumping right into a 5k.
Mind you, I'm very slow!
But for me, I did very well.
I cut about 1.5 minutes off my time.

My girlfriend Monica had her camera in tow so she took a pic of me with her hubby and girls.
I loved the fact that the number they gave me was the exact time I was born: 7:09.

Not the most graceful picture of me, but thought it was cool that Monica got a pic of my time
right as I crossed the finish line. Cute Ashlyn was right behind me. She was my little running buddy.

Father's Day

The kids and I made breakfast for the guys (Steve and Pops).
It consisted of hash browns, buttered english muffin, sausage, red pepper, onion
and cheese omelet, fresh strawberries and O.J.

Steve got a picture frame with his kids to proudly display on his desk at work.
We also filled some Jones' soda bottles with goodies and reasons why the kids
think their dad is so great.
The kids and I also picked some fun iPod accessories out for him.

Love you Honeybob/Dad!

It's always a little harder to pick things out for the man who says
he doesn't need/want anything. So for Pops (Steve's dad) we got a bunch
of goodies (his fav Spumoni ice cream, giant Hershey's bar, Twizzlers and Mike & Ikes)
and a card and threw in some fun gift certificates (3 of each):

Love you Pops!

I blocked out our address which used to be where the black boxes are.
Also, the round steak dinner and hamburger & onions dinners
are some of his faves. I don't buy a lot of red meat so these will
be a nice treat for him.

Happy July!