Wordless Wednesday

He's Hot 'n Spicy!

A couple of days ago I was working at the computer when Apollo approached me with his mouth full. If I'm unaware of what might be in his mouth, I do the "squeeze the cheeks together and sweep the finger through for any foreign objects" check. In doing so, I found a hot tamale. He was quite enjoying it too, so I let him finish. I later found out that he had swiped the candy from Sascha's Halloween stash. It's one of the very few candies that Sascha wouldn't want to eat anyway.
My kids are kind of whimpy when it comes to trying new things (anything spicy or has a sauce or dressing on it). But not Apollo. He likes pickles, green olives, lemons, salsa, condiments, etc... I made the mistake with Sarah and Sascha of only giving plain foods to them when they were younger. Therefore, when I cook a nice meal, they usually don't care for it. So Apollo is being trained to like everything. So far so good.... Wish I had thought of that with the first two.

Testing, Testing, One-Two-Three

My friend wanted me to help her post a slideshow on her blog, so I wanted to try one out first before I help her with hers. These are just some random pics. I think it turned out pretty good though eh?

Wordless Wednesday

Claim to Fame....McCain

For those of you who know of my desire to make a "wall of fame" in my entryway of photos taken with celebrities, I just struck GOLD! The other day I was telling my better half that he should try and find the photos that were taken by some Seattle photographer when he brushed shoulders with Senator John McCain. Well, today we have those very photos. Yay! Thought I'd better share them since everyone knows who he is.

I took this blog piece below, straight from Steve's blog in case you're interested to know a little more about the historical day he experienced, although it may have been even moreso had the guy won:
In February of 2008, the week Mitt Romney suspended his campaign and threw his support behind John McCain, the Arizona senator and would-be president came to Washington. I got to ride with other reporters in a van that took him from Boeing Field to a hotel in downtown Seattle. The other reporters did most of the talking. I held a video camera for a while and listened. I got one question in, a follow-up question.Today I wrote about the event on my work blog, Kitsap Caucus. Go there to see my recollection of that day.

Time Flies!

They grow up WAY TOO FAST!
Here's Punkin a year ago at 8 months:

And here he is one year later...

He'll be writing his first thesis next week on "Why eating day old chicken out of the garbage tastes good," and "Dumping Cheerios all over the kitchen floor is therapeutic."

Wordless Wednesday

Election Coverage

A little memento from the election.

Slacker Mom

The picture speaks for itself. This is what I found when I went out to the kitchen this morning. Every night before I go to bed I set my alarm so I can be sure and wake the kids up on time. Sascha is usually already awake, but Sarah needs prodding. That's why I was surprised to find this note and find that the kids had gotten themselves up and out the door on their own. I have the best kids ever! As far as the technical difficulties go, I have no explanation. I set my alarm like I always do. Steve didn't hear my alarm go off either because he was still in bed when I got up. hmmmmm.... I guess I was meant to sleep in today. Happy Election Day to me!


What a hectic day for me, Halloween. To begin with, it was going to be my first day to sort of sleep in since I'd been getting up with the kids all week. The kids get to wear their costumes to school and Sascha was distraught over the fact that he couldn't find the jacket to his costume. Steve, Sascha and I searched in every nook and cranny, but no luck. He ended up missing his bus so Steve took him to school. I assured him that I would run by Value Village and pick him up a different one before he would need to have it for the parading around the school.
So I bypassed Apollo's morning nap so we could go tackle the task at hand. Luckily I found a decent jacket and was able to run it to his school. When I got there he notified me that he left his mask at home so I got to go run home (only two minutes away from the school luckily!), grab it and take it back to him.

After that I needed to go buy some groceries and while my cart was mostly full I got a call from Sarah's school asking me to come pick her up. She was curled up with stomach pains and a bad headache. Poor girl. She had to miss her Halloween party that she was really looking forward to. As soon as I got her home she lied down on the couch. I gave her some Tylenol for her headache then ran outside to grab the groceries out of the van. When I came back up she had thrown up all over the floor. Poor girl. I sent her to the tub and I cleaned up the carpet. After her bath she napped until about 5:30pm. By then it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating.
She said she felt a lot better and was able to go. We trick-or-treated in our neighborhood and ended up being out for about 2 1/2 hours. I strolled Apollo the whole way. We tagged along with my friend Shannon and her son Jake who live right around the corner from us.
It was a perfect night. It had been raining earlier in the day and by 6pm there was no sign of it. The sky was clear, the air was crisp and the fog was just starting to come out. It set the tone for a spooky night! It wasn't even cold either. And the air smelled of wood stoves burning. I loved it!
It turned out to be a great day. My legs were spent by the time I hopped into bed. But first I gave myself a nice foot massage.

Caramel Apples

For Family Home Evening I wanted to make caramel apples and play the game Apples to Apples. I've never made caramel apples so I thought I'd better do a little research online first. I found the best recipe here at the Kraft website, which was also on the back of the bag of caramels.
***A few tips: I ended up chilling my apples an hour before. It helps the caramel to stick better. After dipping them I placed them on a cookie sheet lined with a silicone baking sheet. It worked like a beauty. They peeled right up. When you're ready to eat them, try using an apple slicer. You get a taste of caramel in every bite. Plus, if you have bad teeth, it's much easier to eat.
The picture above is my very first attempt at dipping. Not bad eh? I think we'll make this a continuing Gardner tradition.
The kids didn't mind eating the
apples right off the stick.
Our adopted family, the Holcombs, came over to partake in the festivities as well. We had some good laughs and cries while playing Apples to Apples. My favorite part was when Jayce was pronouncing Adam Sandler as Adam Slander (when he was younger he used to call hot dogs: hot dongs). Thanks for the entertainment Jayce!
LaRee preferred eating them sliced up.