Claim to Fame....McCain

For those of you who know of my desire to make a "wall of fame" in my entryway of photos taken with celebrities, I just struck GOLD! The other day I was telling my better half that he should try and find the photos that were taken by some Seattle photographer when he brushed shoulders with Senator John McCain. Well, today we have those very photos. Yay! Thought I'd better share them since everyone knows who he is.

I took this blog piece below, straight from Steve's blog in case you're interested to know a little more about the historical day he experienced, although it may have been even moreso had the guy won:
In February of 2008, the week Mitt Romney suspended his campaign and threw his support behind John McCain, the Arizona senator and would-be president came to Washington. I got to ride with other reporters in a van that took him from Boeing Field to a hotel in downtown Seattle. The other reporters did most of the talking. I held a video camera for a while and listened. I got one question in, a follow-up question.Today I wrote about the event on my work blog, Kitsap Caucus. Go there to see my recollection of that day.
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