Ski the Beav or Rent Out the Whole Stinkin' Lodge!

What better place to have a family reunion than at Beaver Mountain Lodge up Logan Canyon.
This was our first Fyffe family reunion with just the siblings and our families + Mom, of course!
That's 10 Fyffe kids (all married), 24 grandkids (+ 1 hubby)  and 1 great grandbaby = 47!
There were a few absent for reasons beyond their control. Grand total = 41!
Would have been even funner had those six family members been able to come.
Next time!
Beaver Mountain Lodge is a ski resort come winter.
Come summer, it's a RENTAL!!! And quite affordable when splitting it 10 ways.
Three days, two nights (which we later decided wasn't long enough) was $41.60/day.
That included the WHOLE stinkin' lodge! Definitely a steal!
Okay, so we all had to bring our own blow up mattresses and food. But STILL.

Click to view larger:

Sad panoramic I took from up above. My camera wasn't being hayv (as Sarah used to say):

And here are some shots from what the lodge looks like in full swing (from their website):

Yo Pokey, Vacay Begins

Back in August we were able to take a trip to Utah for a family reunion.
First stop. Pocatello, Idaho.
A nice stop along the way only leaving a two hour drive for the next day.
Kids were happy there was a big pool with a deep end.
I was happy there was a gym with a treadmill.
Steve was happy there was internet access.
We ate dinner at Five Guys Burger and Fries.
The kids swam.
We slept.
The kids swam again.
I ran.
We packed up and left.

Click to view larger:

A few pics directly from the Holiday Inn, Pocatello site:

Oh, and the best part was that I scored the room off Priceline for a sweet deal of $50!

B.A.D. is Good

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The kids thought Jazz Band was over back in June.
Little did they know that they would be performing again at B.A.D.
(Brownsville Appreciation Days).
No rehearsal.
We packed up their music stands, music and plexi glass (so the music wouldn't blow away) and headed off to Brownsville Marina.
There was lots of entertainment, inexpensive food, free rubber dingy rides, free kayak demonstrations, kids activites and craft booths.
It was our first year going and we live right around the corner.
Next year we'll definitely go again.
Weather for the day = HOT!