Goodbye Elementary School

It seems like yesterday that I was walking Sarah to the bus stop to start her first day of Kindergarten.
Where did all the time go?
She finished up her last day of elementary school on June 16th.
She's grown into such a beautiful young woman.
Much smarter than I was at her age.
More sure of herself than I was back then.
Proud parent moment witnessing such an amazing transformation.
I'm so proud of my girl.
I can't wait to see what the future holds.
I also want time to slow down so I can hold onto these moments longer.
Thank you Sarah for all the hard work you put into your elementary education.
You've made us proud!
We love you!

Mrs. Hemmersbach was Sarah's 6th grade teacher (on left). The principal was handing Sarah her graduation certificate.

Sarah was on the back row second from the left.

Monica came for the first half and left some beautiful flowers for Sarah. Thanks Mon!

Sarah biggest fan also came:

Killing Time...

 Last week Sarah was able to attend basketball camp at Klahowya middle school. It was two hours each day so the boys and I had some time to kill.

Four out of the five days we hung out at Silverdale Elementary which has a nice blacktop with activities (basketball, hopscotch, etc...), a playground and walking track. I took advantage of the track on one of the days and did my run. We even packed a little lunch each day.
Click on pics to view larger
Don't mind that my boys are due for haircuts.
A little pink and purple never hurt anyone...

A couple of the days we scouted out Scenic Beach in Seabeck. Loved it!
On our way there we had to stop and say hi to Mr. Deer who greeted us.

Cool tree stump that resembles a....


May Day, May Day! Part 1

A few things we tackled in the days of May:

Batting Cages at The Zone Sportsplex in Poulsbo.

Daddy and Apollo

aye, batter-batter, sah-weenga!

Sascha was an amazing hitter! Hardly missed a ball.

Honeybob wasn't too bad himself. This IS his favorite sport after all.

I've been known to put down a few m'self.

What was Sarah doing? Being observant.

The Holcombs (minus Errol and Lindsay) joined in the fun.
pictured below: Sydney and LaRee:

Afterwards Steve and the kids kicked around the soccer ball for some exercise while LaRee and I exercised our voice boxes.

Trip to Canada.

My nephews Talon & Takoda got baptized by their brother Keenan.

My sister and her handsome family (minus Hayden who was off to college).

The twins actually got baptized on their birthday. My sis and I made them cakes.

Earlier in the day we went to the Temple Youth Celebration in Langley, BC. The following day we would be attending the dedication for the Vancouver LDS Temple. Here's the nice box seats we had which were directly across from President Monson.

Me, Sarah, Malachi and Sascha.

My sis, her hubby and the twins had tickets for down below. They're circled on the right. My niece was in the performance. She's circled down below. Click on pic to view larger.

Bevin, Takoda, Talon and Dolly.

Here's the best I could get of my niece, Montana:

Here's President Monson and President Uchtdorf. They were looking up at the big screen.

Here they are sitting up in their balcony, directly across from us:

Here's the replica of the Vancouver Temple that they hoisted up at the end of the performances. Pres. Monson up top and Montana, down below are circled:

May Day, May Day! Part 2

May events part 2:

Jazz band at Olympic High.

Sarah and Sascha are circled.

The Anderson's came to show their support. Thanks guys!

Jazz Band at the Poulsbo and Kingston Farmer's Markets.

It was a little chilly and wet. Sarah woke up sick so only Sascha was performing. (click to view larger)

We had some lovely guests. Duncan and Kaitlyn were so kind to wake up early and brave the chill. Thanks guys! Don't mind that Apollo's ear is cut off. It's a panoramic and it didn't get aligned especially well. I do love panormics though. You can get everyone in the pic.

You can have a little fun with panoramics too:

Thought this looked yummy. I resisted though.

Apollo spent a good part of the time climbing up and down the rocks. Sometimes with Daddy's help.

And here they are in Kingston down by the ferry terminal. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at Teriyaki Delight with Duncan and Kaitlyn. It was great being with them again.

My Birthday

These are the only pics I have from my birthday. This is the beautiful cake my hubby made me. And boy was it DELISH!!! He and the kids spoiled me. We went out to dinner the day before (adults only) with some friends and family at Fujiyama. So yum! Thanks everyone! I was treated like a queen.

Other pic from my bday. Not sure why these didn't turn out so great. hmmmm.