Goodbye Elementary School

It seems like yesterday that I was walking Sarah to the bus stop to start her first day of Kindergarten.
Where did all the time go?
She finished up her last day of elementary school on June 16th.
She's grown into such a beautiful young woman.
Much smarter than I was at her age.
More sure of herself than I was back then.
Proud parent moment witnessing such an amazing transformation.
I'm so proud of my girl.
I can't wait to see what the future holds.
I also want time to slow down so I can hold onto these moments longer.
Thank you Sarah for all the hard work you put into your elementary education.
You've made us proud!
We love you!

Mrs. Hemmersbach was Sarah's 6th grade teacher (on left). The principal was handing Sarah her graduation certificate.

Sarah was on the back row second from the left.

Monica came for the first half and left some beautiful flowers for Sarah. Thanks Mon!

Sarah biggest fan also came:

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  1. Widdo Sar 'is all grown up'!! Now, Junior High!!!