May Day, May Day! Part 2

May events part 2:

Jazz band at Olympic High.

Sarah and Sascha are circled.

The Anderson's came to show their support. Thanks guys!

Jazz Band at the Poulsbo and Kingston Farmer's Markets.

It was a little chilly and wet. Sarah woke up sick so only Sascha was performing. (click to view larger)

We had some lovely guests. Duncan and Kaitlyn were so kind to wake up early and brave the chill. Thanks guys! Don't mind that Apollo's ear is cut off. It's a panoramic and it didn't get aligned especially well. I do love panormics though. You can get everyone in the pic.

You can have a little fun with panoramics too:

Thought this looked yummy. I resisted though.

Apollo spent a good part of the time climbing up and down the rocks. Sometimes with Daddy's help.

And here they are in Kingston down by the ferry terminal. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at Teriyaki Delight with Duncan and Kaitlyn. It was great being with them again.

My Birthday

These are the only pics I have from my birthday. This is the beautiful cake my hubby made me. And boy was it DELISH!!! He and the kids spoiled me. We went out to dinner the day before (adults only) with some friends and family at Fujiyama. So yum! Thanks everyone! I was treated like a queen.

Other pic from my bday. Not sure why these didn't turn out so great. hmmmm.
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