Braggin' Because I Can

Sarah brought this home from school the other day.
Makes for a proud parent moment.
Way to go Sarah!!!
You Rock!


So what if this was back in December.
And toward the beginning.
I still LOVED it!
And I'm going to post it.

My S.I.L. came to visit!
Short and sweet, but better than nothing.
She lives in Utah.
Kaitlyn got to stop by as well (another FAB S.I.L. whom I adore).
She was their (Emilee and her brother) tour guide for the day.

Feel Good Drug

Another thing that emulates therapy for me is running.
It's a natural "feel good" drug.
I need my running.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I track my workouts through dailymile.
They just sent me my 2010 year end report.

It's a great motivator.
My goal for this year is to run a 1/2 marathon.
Looking for different options.
I'm open to suggestions.

My latest running gig was at Olympic High with my running buddy LaRee.
Apollo tagged along.
I made sure to bundle him in snow pants and two jackets.
Hat and mittens ended up coming off.
Little stinker.
It was only 38 degrees out!
These pics were taken after our run.
While running I was two jackets lighter.


Since I don't update my blog header monthly like I used to I thought it was time for a makeover.
It is a new year after all.
Not that I had the extra time to do it, but doing things such as these are therapeutic for me.

My Friends are Cooler Than Yours

Some of us have little 3 year olds that do things like this with a Sharpie:

But not everyone has friends as cool as mine that bring their Magic Eraser's and scrub it off the walls and door for you.

AND on New Years Eve!
You guys are AWESOME!!!