Wordless Wednesday


Festivities at Home

We had a low-key celebration here at home for Steve's birthday. The kids each made him a candy bar poster. Sarah got him a sweet platinum gold steering wheel cover. Apollo and Sascha got him books and I got him a snazzy watch which he's been wanting for a looooong time. His favorite birthday dessert is brownies with ice cream and hot fudge, which he picked up himself. Poor Steve! Hey, I was going to, but he offered. I did make the brownies though... Don't mind that some of the candles are hangin' out sideways on the brownies. Happy Birthday my favorite person in the whole wide world!


Happy Birthday to....

...LaRee and Duncan and Kaitlyn and Errol and Steve. Whew!!!! That's a mouthful. We celebrated all of the February birthdays with a dinner of Navajo Tacos. David made the Indian fry bread which was amazing! And then later we pulled out the ol' cake. I usually let everyone choose their own dessert and I make it, but this time I wanted to try out my new cake pan. I think it's a half of a sheet cake size. I love it. I ended up making an ice cream cake that had three different flavors of ice cream on the bottom and then a layer of cake on top.

Since Steve's the eldest, I stuck some grannies with walkers by his name. Not long after, my brother came along with some tootsie rolls and added some fillagrie (I apologize in advance):

From left to right: Duncan, Kaitlyn, LaRee, Errol and Steve:

The whole clan (sorry Geeta, your face got squished). Click on pic to view larger:


Party Fun!

It wouldn't be a partay without playing some RockBand!!!

I apologize in advance for any loud noises from the camera lady. I don't realize how loud it is until I watch/listen to the video...
You gotta keep watching this and enjoy Noah jamming (he's the one playing the guitar on the big leather chair).

This was David and Duncan's first crack at RockBand. Not bad eh?



Apollo is all about the shopping:

Christian created this pic of Mario for Duncan and Kaitlyn. All the little colored boxes are each photographs. Very creative Christch!

The Holcombs generously gave a Wii game to Duncan and Kaitlyn:

I made part of the collection of sitting pretties for LaRee and Kaitlyn. They'll get their whole family before weeks end. They're quite fun and can sit on a shelf or wherever you choose:

Here's a pic from the website of how they can look (click here to view the site for instructions):

Duncan and Kaitlyn slipped this in a card for Errol and LaRee:

I made this t-shirt for Duncan. Two of the faces are of him (click on the pic to view larger):

This one I made for Errol. Again, his face is in the pic (click to view larger):


Wordless Wednesday


Happy Valentines Day Honeybob!


Wordless Wednesday


Happy Birthday to LaRoo...

My good buddy, ol' pal, LaRee (pet name: LaRoo) chose Applebee's as her birthday dinner destination. I rounded up some of her friends from church and the rest is history....

Do you like my hat?

We had everyone take a pic of the ladies sitting across from them.
LaRee and Jessie Cornell:

Me and LaRee:

There was an odd number, so I had to get my pic taken twice...
Margaret Loveless and me:

Janice Crook and Dianna Byron:

Tessa Carnegie and Cami Segeberg:

Michelle Byrnes and Janice Crook:

I brought a chocolate banana cream pie from Costco. I would highly recommend it. Yum!
I also brought a box of candles which had exactly the right amount for the age LaRee was turning. I didn't plan it that way. hmmmm:

Some of the yummy dishes:

I asked the waiter to take pics of all of us. Unfortunately I trusted that he said they were good and found out later when I got home that they weren't. Schnikeys!
By the way, for some reason Kristi Richmond and Mireya Redd (shown at the very right) didn't get their pics taken from across the table. Sorry guys...

LaRoo with our awesome waiter (un-awesome picture taker):