Apollo is all about the shopping:

Christian created this pic of Mario for Duncan and Kaitlyn. All the little colored boxes are each photographs. Very creative Christch!

The Holcombs generously gave a Wii game to Duncan and Kaitlyn:

I made part of the collection of sitting pretties for LaRee and Kaitlyn. They'll get their whole family before weeks end. They're quite fun and can sit on a shelf or wherever you choose:

Here's a pic from the website of how they can look (click here to view the site for instructions):

Duncan and Kaitlyn slipped this in a card for Errol and LaRee:

I made this t-shirt for Duncan. Two of the faces are of him (click on the pic to view larger):

This one I made for Errol. Again, his face is in the pic (click to view larger):

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