Happy Birthday to....

...LaRee and Duncan and Kaitlyn and Errol and Steve. Whew!!!! That's a mouthful. We celebrated all of the February birthdays with a dinner of Navajo Tacos. David made the Indian fry bread which was amazing! And then later we pulled out the ol' cake. I usually let everyone choose their own dessert and I make it, but this time I wanted to try out my new cake pan. I think it's a half of a sheet cake size. I love it. I ended up making an ice cream cake that had three different flavors of ice cream on the bottom and then a layer of cake on top.

Since Steve's the eldest, I stuck some grannies with walkers by his name. Not long after, my brother came along with some tootsie rolls and added some fillagrie (I apologize in advance):

From left to right: Duncan, Kaitlyn, LaRee, Errol and Steve:

The whole clan (sorry Geeta, your face got squished). Click on pic to view larger:

2 Responses
  1. lareerrol Says:

    Errol said, "hey I wasn't in the picture. Where was I?" I told him you are in the picture. You are the "Where's Waldo" Can you find him?

  2. Diana Says:

    That's hilarious! I, too, couldn't find him. Then I looked in the mirror....