Happy Birthday to LaRoo...

My good buddy, ol' pal, LaRee (pet name: LaRoo) chose Applebee's as her birthday dinner destination. I rounded up some of her friends from church and the rest is history....

Do you like my hat?

We had everyone take a pic of the ladies sitting across from them.
LaRee and Jessie Cornell:

Me and LaRee:

There was an odd number, so I had to get my pic taken twice...
Margaret Loveless and me:

Janice Crook and Dianna Byron:

Tessa Carnegie and Cami Segeberg:

Michelle Byrnes and Janice Crook:

I brought a chocolate banana cream pie from Costco. I would highly recommend it. Yum!
I also brought a box of candles which had exactly the right amount for the age LaRee was turning. I didn't plan it that way. hmmmm:

Some of the yummy dishes:

I asked the waiter to take pics of all of us. Unfortunately I trusted that he said they were good and found out later when I got home that they weren't. Schnikeys!
By the way, for some reason Kristi Richmond and Mireya Redd (shown at the very right) didn't get their pics taken from across the table. Sorry guys...

LaRoo with our awesome waiter (un-awesome picture taker):

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