Book of Mormon Heroes in Action

After the red carpet introductions, our "celebrities" went to their separate rooms and shared their stories and answered questions with each group of kids. We had seven different groups that we rotated around to each room. In one of the rooms they got to taste some of the foods that could have been eaten back then: flour tortillas, wild turkey (we used chicken taquitos from Costco), salsa, dried mango and apricot.

Here are some of our celebrities in action.
Captain Moroni:



Samuel the Lamanite:

We were so grateful and amazed with all the hard work that our special Book of Mormon heroes put into this special party for our primary kids. Everything went even better than expected and the kids had a wonderful time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

L-R: Nephi (Shannon Thompson), Joseph Smith (Jason Fowers), Abish (Monica Anderson), Moroni (Ralph Knight), Samuel the Lamanite (Jimmy Wise), Sariah and Lehi (Sherry and Larry White), and Captain Moroni (Errol Holcomb).

After we all gathered back into the gym, we took a group shot of the kids and our celebrities. Soon after, they were served ice cream sundaes with all the toppings.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! This would be such a fun thing to do in Primary. I will have to save a link to it in case I am ever called to serve in the Primary again. Thanks for sharing it.