Honeybobs Surgery

Last weekend Honeybob got sick. Monday morning he was able to be seen by his doc who immediately referred him to a surgeon, which he saw the next day (Tuesday), who then signed him up for surgery the next day (Wednesday).
Apollo and I drove him to the hospital and ended up waiting for a while with Steve. Apparently his surgeon was 2 1/2 hours behind schedule, which was a bummer because his surgery was scheduled for 4pm, which then ended up being more like 7pm. While we were waiting in pre-op, a nurse brought in a $5 gift card for us to use there at the hospital. It was for having to wait so long. I felt bad for Steve since he wasn't allowed to eat after midnight the previous night.
Later that evening, while I was at Sascha's pinewood derby for cubs, I got a call from the surgeon saying that Steve did well through the surgery but they'd be keeping him overnight, and possibly for another night as well. It's a good thing since he just got a good amount sliced out of him down there. Honeybob would like to say that he's had a little plastic surgery down there, but really it's a fistula repair. Very painful... He's already had four previous surgeries on this , with the last one being just two years ago. This time though it was more involved to make it so it shouldn't happen again. Poor Honeybob...

Did this guy really just have surgery?

He was glad to have company...

This little guy loved going to visit his Dada...

Here's the view out of his window. My girlfriend LaRee works at the building down below with the green roof. She called while I was there and I told her I could see her building. She told me to stick my hand out the window so she could see which room I was in. So I did. Then she said she could see me from her office. How cool is that?!

Pun'kin enjoyed sitting in the window seat looking out at all the cars, people and a tractor that was in one of the parking lots...

One of his favorite parts of being there was playing with his Dad and eating the ice chips. Hospitals always have the BEST ice chips!

We wish you a very speedy recovery, Honeybob!!! xoxo

Happy Birthday to Apollo (and Brian)

Apollo turned two! Hooray Apollo! It seems like just yesterday that he was a precious little (big) thing smiling up at me as I held him in my arms. He's always been a very good-natured boy and has big smiles 98% of the time. People always comment on how well behaved he is. He does have his moments, but there far and few between. He's been such a joy to watch as he learns new things everyday and continues to spread his charm. I always check on my kiddies before I hop into bed. Last night as I was checking on Apollo he was lying there, so angelic (like all kids do when they're sleeping), when he opened his eyes slowly and looked into my eyes giving me a big smile. I rubbed his forehead and cheeks and told him I loved him, and he went right back to sleep. He's always been good like that. I am so blessed!
And again, we are so blessed to have such great family and friends. We had the usuals over, Fyffes (Dave n Geet), Fyffes (Dunc n Kait), Holcombs (Url n LaRoo) and then the Anderson Clan, which I've been wanting to invite over for quite a while. It finally worked out that we could have them over. Yay! It was so good to be with everyone. Here's the original of the cake I ended up making:
And here's how mine turned out (Sarah and Sascha helped with the printouts/cutouts). Not too shabble dabble eh?:

Here's the happy, Happy Birthday boy:

Can he do it? Yes, he can!

Finger-lickin' delicious!

I'm a big boy now, do-do-do-do...

Bubby must have something in his ear. Have no fear, Apollo's near:

Partners in crime:

Since Brian ended up in urgent care with pneumonia on his birthday, I wanted to give him a chance to feel somewhat normal while being sung to. Happy Birthday to Brian, a couple of weeks earlier! Hope he wasn't too embarrassed...

I wonder if his wish was that his family would have no more medical emergencies for the rest of the year? Sheesh!

Monica and Geeta spent a good part of the evening chit chattin'...

Give us cake!

Sweet Chase and him's Momma...

Boys will be boyeez!

Apollo was treated to such wonderful gifts from everyone. Thanks so much y'alls!!!
Here he is wearing the adorable teddy bear hoodie towel with his name on the back, made by Monica.

Here's the Linny and Ming-Ming I got from Toys R Us for $3 each (reg. price $30). He loves to sleep with them in at night.

Now he's set to start fixing the drawers that keep coming off track:

Face Lift

I just gave my blog a face lift. If you notice the header up top I've added a new Gardner Villa logo along with our names and a quote that I love, "Home is where they love you."
I also added some slide mount titles along the sides of my blog. As I was at the site where I got this template from I noticed some newly updated spring templates. There are many cute ones. This one is my favorite. Mostly because of the colors:

I have to control myself though and fight the urge to change my template with the work that I've already done on mine. Click here to view the new spring templates at Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates.

Please leave a comment here and let me know what you think of the face lift.

Snow AGAIN?!?

Sunday morning we opened the curtains and voila... Church was canceled, of course. By late afternoon/early evening most of it was melted, which was good since we'd be having several guests over for Apollo's birthday dinner later that evening.
The kids were sure to take advantage of the powder...

Don't eat the yellow stuff!


Baking a Cake for Cubs

For Cub Scouts, Sascha was supposed to make a cake with his Dad to take to the banquet later that evening. Since Steve had to get back to work, I helped Sascha finish up. So he and I both frosted and decorated these.

Here are all of the cakes that everyone brought:

Everyone got to vote for their favorite. Sascha's ended up getting runner up to the best overall. My friend LaRee's son won best overall. His cake is the one that's a moon and stars. Sascha also was awarded his Bobcat. Way to go Bud! If someone would send me the pics (hint, hint...Heath and/or Errol) I could post them here of Sascha putting a Bobcat pin on me in front of the group.


Chop, Chop

This cute little guy never complains about me giving him haircuts. Isn't it amazing how different each child is? I have another one (much older) who still complains to this day!

He refused to wear the cape. Thus, a hairy boy.

He didn't enjoy getting hair in his mouth...