Bargain Betty Here

I always love a good bargain. I like telling friends and family about my cool finds. Even my kids. Sascha always gets excited when I tell him of my amazing deals. I usually make him guess how much it costed and he usually replies with something like, "WOW, that's awesome!" Like last night I found the perfect gift for Apollo's upcoming birthday. I went to Toys R Us to look for Sesame Street characters for his cake, but couldn't find what I had in mind. But that's okay because I found some Wonder Pets characters instead, which Apollo LOVES! And let me tell you.... they were 90% off! So regularly $30 a piece, they ended up being $3 a piece. So I'll be making him a Wonder Pets cake instead. He'll love it! Here's what it should end up looking like:

Last night as I took Apollo into the bathroom to change his diaper and get his jammies on, I was taking off his shirt when out of the blue he said, "four dollars?" I couldn't help but laugh. He must be picking up on my bargain telling.

P.S. Here's a great deal if any of you have a PS2: Best Buy has the whole Rock Band set (game, drums, mic, wireless guitar) for only $50!!! Now that's a bargain!


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  1. Ostler Says:

    I want to hear about your bargains! It's so exciting to get a great deal! I love to shop second hand, and my husband gets mad when I say "brand new" when it comes from DI or savers.