Honeybobs Surgery

Last weekend Honeybob got sick. Monday morning he was able to be seen by his doc who immediately referred him to a surgeon, which he saw the next day (Tuesday), who then signed him up for surgery the next day (Wednesday).
Apollo and I drove him to the hospital and ended up waiting for a while with Steve. Apparently his surgeon was 2 1/2 hours behind schedule, which was a bummer because his surgery was scheduled for 4pm, which then ended up being more like 7pm. While we were waiting in pre-op, a nurse brought in a $5 gift card for us to use there at the hospital. It was for having to wait so long. I felt bad for Steve since he wasn't allowed to eat after midnight the previous night.
Later that evening, while I was at Sascha's pinewood derby for cubs, I got a call from the surgeon saying that Steve did well through the surgery but they'd be keeping him overnight, and possibly for another night as well. It's a good thing since he just got a good amount sliced out of him down there. Honeybob would like to say that he's had a little plastic surgery down there, but really it's a fistula repair. Very painful... He's already had four previous surgeries on this , with the last one being just two years ago. This time though it was more involved to make it so it shouldn't happen again. Poor Honeybob...

Did this guy really just have surgery?

He was glad to have company...

This little guy loved going to visit his Dada...

Here's the view out of his window. My girlfriend LaRee works at the building down below with the green roof. She called while I was there and I told her I could see her building. She told me to stick my hand out the window so she could see which room I was in. So I did. Then she said she could see me from her office. How cool is that?!

Pun'kin enjoyed sitting in the window seat looking out at all the cars, people and a tractor that was in one of the parking lots...

One of his favorite parts of being there was playing with his Dad and eating the ice chips. Hospitals always have the BEST ice chips!

We wish you a very speedy recovery, Honeybob!!! xoxo
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  1. Fireball Says:

    Hey, he looks good for just getting out of surgery! Tell him we're wishing him a speedy recovery!