January Projects

Some of the projects I created in the month of January:

Using this pic...

I created an album cover and cd label and had it framed for Linny Pie who LOVES to sing:

For Jayce, I concocted a t-shirt using this idea: 

For Ashy I also made a tshirt, but using this idea since she's an amazing mini mom and takes such good care of the little ones. Sadly, the woman's head seems a bit long in the face making it a bit of a challenge for Ashy's much smaller face. I'll go ahead and post anyway, but with embarrassment:

Live, Love, Cruise... Part 1

As mentioned in a previous post, I had the privilege of tagging along with my awesome sister, Dolly and her good friend Stephanie on a cruise from San Diego, CA to Ensanada, Mexico. It was a three night cruise, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!! I was definitely in great need of a break and it couldn't have come at a better time. Just after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. AND I got to escape the Seattle weather, only to be spoiled with blue skies and temps in the mid seventies. Oh yeah!

We flew from Seattle to San Diego on a Thursday night, got a hotel and then checked onto our ship around noon on Friday. From there, the rest is history...

Rather then add each picture seperately (super pain in the bahoongie), I made collages. Click on each collage (and panoramic pic) to view larger:
I must add that we touched down in Oakland to take a connecting flight to Diego. While there they informed us that our flight had a weather advisory. The fog was rolling into San Diego and we might not be able to land there. Grrrr! It all worked out though. Otherwise we would have had to rent a car and drive there from L.A. at 10PM!

One thing I must add about our hotel stay is that we were woken up bright and early by picketers just kitty corner to our hotel, chanting their injustices (to a different company). I did take pictueres of them but didn't feel they deserved the attention on my blog. Sheesh! Some greeting eh?  Didn't matter though, for we were going on a cruise!!!!

I better post the pic of the shirt design so you can see it better. I wish we had gotten better pics taken with us all three together wearing our awesome shirts 8-)

Okay, Luna Lovegood wasn't really on the ship, but I swear her twin was. I kept pretending to take pics of Stephanie so I wouldn't look like I was stalking Luna. My daughter Sarah loves this character off of Harry Potter so I was determined to get a pic. It wasn't the best one, but oh well... Our ship ended up setting sail at 6pm. It was a beautiful evening as you can see.

Can I just say that I LOVE sushi? Don't mind that we were going to be going to dinner soon, but just HAD to grab a sushi appetizer. One of each for me and my sis (smoked salmon, jumbo tiger prawn and tuna). Stephanie isn't much of a seafood fan so she missed out.
Everyone has the same waiter in the fine dining room throughout the whole cruise, which is pretty darn cool. I didn't get a pic of our waiter, but my sis did. I'm going to have to get it from her. He was super sweet. I love that all the staff on the ship are recruited from all over the world.

There was plenty to do on the ship: shopping, golfing, walking/running (the track goes around the whole top part of the ship which is shown in the bottom left and right pics above), eating, live shows, movie theatre, hair salon and day spa, casino, dancing, swimming, etc...

Here's another view of the track:
Saturday (out to sea) was the one day that it was cloudy. It was still bright and cheery 8-)

We spent most of Sunday in Ensanada (from 9am-5pm). One of the first things I bought were some neclaces that had tiny vials on them filled with baby oil and some beads/flowers of your choice, accompanied by a piece of rice with the chosen name written on it. Very cool! I should take a pic of the finished product. Duh! Also, I must have heard the phrase, "Good Deal!" about 1,866 times while browsing around the area. Holy schmo! By the end of our time there I was ready to start doing a Mexican hat dance every time someone said that to keep myself from blowing a gasket. lol! I think that's the very first phrase in English that they're taught as wee young laddies/lassies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Live, Love, Crusie!!!

When Christian Comes Around

I have a very special nephew who surprised us with a visit for Christmas break. We enjoyed sharing him with Duncan and Kaitlyn. There's always room for guffaws when Christian is around. He gets his sense of humor from the Fyffe side of the family. I thought I'd share some of that with you with this video he and his buddy made while they still lived in this area. You may or may not appreciate it. But I thoroughly enjoyed it:


I have a husband who is smitten by a certain artist who is not known, persay, by his singing skills, but by the sheer energy and spirit he exudes. I've never been a big Bruce fan, but since marrying Steve and as years have gone by there might be a few songs I actually really like.

So to bring a smile to honeybob's face I chose this as one of the gifts I gave him for Christmas. When he first looked at it, I told him it was his picture (Steve's). He nodded in agreeance. He didn't realize until several moments later that it actually was him. See for yourself:

This album cover of Bruce:

+ this old picture of Steve:

equals this picture:

all together = one happy honeybob:


Ensenada, Here I Come!

I have been lucky enough to have been invited to tag along on a very short cruise with my sister and her friend. I've never been on a cruise before other than cruising back and forth on the Washington State Ferries. We'll be flying to San Diego and hopping on our cruise ship from there with our destination being Ensenada, Mexico. I'm super excited, even though it'll be a short four day, three night cruise. It'll be great relaxing and sharing our stories of the craziness of our lives while sipping margaritas with mini umbrellas in the scorching hot sun! Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little there. It'll probably only hit 70 degrees if we're lucky. It's supposed to be in the upper 60's. I'll take it! Ensanada, here we come!!!