May Day, May Day! Part 3

May events part 3


Sascha got to lead his pack in the flag ceremony at pack meeting.

Sarah's school project: IOG (Image of Greatness)

This is a big project involving lots of research and writing up reports, followed by several oral presentations to fellow classmates, students from other classes and finally, parents. They even got to dress as the character they chose and brought in a favorite food of that character for a grand feast. It was a huge deal and all the kids were glad when it was over. Presentations lasted a week long. Sarah chose a famous artist. I can't think of her name.

I got to help out with setting up the food in the library. Mostly desserts as you can imagine. I didn't mind ;-) Especially since we go to eat as well.

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A picture I took before going in for the presentations to the parents.

Apollo Super Boy!

Yes! He was super in May.

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  1. Quite the update! Loved all the pics!