Ski the Beav or Rent Out the Whole Stinkin' Lodge!

What better place to have a family reunion than at Beaver Mountain Lodge up Logan Canyon.
This was our first Fyffe family reunion with just the siblings and our families + Mom, of course!
That's 10 Fyffe kids (all married), 24 grandkids (+ 1 hubby)  and 1 great grandbaby = 47!
There were a few absent for reasons beyond their control. Grand total = 41!
Would have been even funner had those six family members been able to come.
Next time!
Beaver Mountain Lodge is a ski resort come winter.
Come summer, it's a RENTAL!!! And quite affordable when splitting it 10 ways.
Three days, two nights (which we later decided wasn't long enough) was $41.60/day.
That included the WHOLE stinkin' lodge! Definitely a steal!
Okay, so we all had to bring our own blow up mattresses and food. But STILL.

Click to view larger:

Sad panoramic I took from up above. My camera wasn't being hayv (as Sarah used to say):

And here are some shots from what the lodge looks like in full swing (from their website):

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