Wordless Wednesday

4 Responses
  1. Fireball Says:

    Oh, boy. He's definitely reached that busy age.

  2. Crazy Momma Says:

    been there - done that - several times with different mediums - fishy crackers, rice crispies (the worst to clean up) chocolate chips, - the best was Mo and Kaylee were like 3 and 1 and I came out and they had dumped a box of wheat thins on the ground and then went and got a tub of cream cheese out of the fridge and were munching away!

  3. Lisa Says:

    But if there was a word for today, it would be BUSTED! Cute pics! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has a "Hurricane" in the family. Loves!

  4. Emilee Says:

    Doesn't he look so happy?!?