He's Hot 'n Spicy!

A couple of days ago I was working at the computer when Apollo approached me with his mouth full. If I'm unaware of what might be in his mouth, I do the "squeeze the cheeks together and sweep the finger through for any foreign objects" check. In doing so, I found a hot tamale. He was quite enjoying it too, so I let him finish. I later found out that he had swiped the candy from Sascha's Halloween stash. It's one of the very few candies that Sascha wouldn't want to eat anyway.
My kids are kind of whimpy when it comes to trying new things (anything spicy or has a sauce or dressing on it). But not Apollo. He likes pickles, green olives, lemons, salsa, condiments, etc... I made the mistake with Sarah and Sascha of only giving plain foods to them when they were younger. Therefore, when I cook a nice meal, they usually don't care for it. So Apollo is being trained to like everything. So far so good.... Wish I had thought of that with the first two.
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  1. Emilee Says:

    That's awesome! Hot Tamale candy is one of my all time favorites. Way to go Apollo!