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In my struggle to make life simple, I came across a fabulous idea to help our mornings run more smoothly. It seems as though Sascha is always searching for something to wear. Sometimes (more often than not) he throws his clothes on the ground while searching through his nicely folded and put away clothes, looking for just the right outfit. I would rather he have all of his clothes picked out ahead of time so he can focus on other things and avoid making piles of clean clothes on the ground. Sheesh!

Click here to view the original post for this idea at Living Locurto.

This is the general idea of how it will look (this picture is from the Living Locurto site):

So this evening Sarah and I threw some of these fabulous tags together (she made her own and I made the boys'). I think I'm going to have them laminated so they don't get tattered and torn. Didn't they turn out quite nicely? I may just have to make some for me and the hubs too...

Sarah's tags:

Sascha's tags:

Apollo's tags:


6 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    Very Cute......Now you will have to have the folding party as you need the clothes to go with the tags. Cool idea though. Nice job.

  2. Those turned out really cute! Fun that you personalized them for each kid.

  3. 5 ibarras Says:

    diana-i LOVE it! i'm definitely going to have to try that...especially since the kids have P.E. on certain days and Grace has to wear pants on those days, with this there can be no forgetting! as always, another great idea 8-)

  4. Emilee Says:

    Hey that's a pretty good idea! Loved the tags, you did a great job! Love and miss you all.

  5. LaRee Says:

    When can I order a set?

  6. Ostler Says:

    What a cute idea! How did you make the tags?