Mariner's Game

I feel like Steve and I got to drag out our anniversary celebration for three weeks. Here's why: We started out by attending Steve's work party which was also at the Rainer's baseball game in Tacoma which took place exactly on our 12th anniverary (thankyavermuch). The next weekend we got to do an overnighter over in Bellevue. Then last weekend we got to go to the Mariner's game. They played the National's. And lost. Oh well... They're doing awful this year anyway so no high expectations there. I still had a great time. So there ya go. Three weeks of celebrating. Woo-hoo!
If you've ever been to a Mariner's game you'll remember the intoxicating and scrumptious smell of their famous garlic fries. Thus, the empty container...

We really enjoyed hearing the two fellers behind us with their funny remarks. At one point in the game when they play the music and the crowd yells "charge!", a whole row of men behind us very tiredly and in unison spoke, "charge." They didn't yell it, they spoke it. It was hilarious! They were totally monotone. Steve and I could not stop laughing. They kept doing it as the music would play. I wish I had it on video. And then in the next section to the left of us, a couple of guys got kicked out. On their way out one of them kept stopping and talking with people and giving them high-fives. They were clearly drunk. AND one of them was sportin' a super-sweet and LONG mullet!!! I was too engrossed in watching them make a fool of themselves to pull out my camera. I guess baseball games attract mullets eh?

When we came in the entrance they were handing out free t-shirts to all the dad's since the next day was Father's Day. I got an extra one and let Apollo give it to Errol. I thought it might help Errol feel a little better about all the times Apollo has dissed him.

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