It's Great to Be Eight!

A picture collage from Costco:
Bud is officially "of age" to be baptized, which will probably take place next month. He's having his "friend party" this Friday. It's tradition to do Sunday dinners to celebrate birthdays with family.

At the last minute I got a phone call from my girlfriend Verna who I met while living in Camas. She was about 40 minutes away and wanted to pop in for a visit along with her daughter Nikki. What a wonderful surprise! I haven't seen them in about 3 years. It was perfect timing since we were having a birthday dinner and they could join in the festivities. They had just arrived from an Alaskan cruise. Lucky! It was fun catching up on each other's lives. They ended up spending the night (I insisted) and then left in the morning to catch the ferry.

Happy Birthday Bud!!!

Later we ended up watching videos of David and Geeta's weekend stay on the Oregon Coast and also some videos of Verna and Nikki's Alaskan cruise.

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