12th Anniversary

Steve and I were able to celebrate our 12th anniversary with Sarah and Sascha at Cheney Stadium watching the Tacoma Rainier's play the Salt Lake Bee's (later this week we'll celebrate more with an overnighter). The Fyffe's took Apollo for us so we didn't have to expose him to any sudden flying balls, mullets, or bad comb-overs. At the field we got to sit in the reserved area and have a free lunch because it was also Steve's work party. There were burgers and dogs, chips and soda and cookies. The Bee's ended up winning which was fine with me because we got married in SLC. The score was 6-4.
These pics are in no particular order...

Sarah got to run the bases afterwards. Sascha didn't care to:

Have you ever seen a "studly" comb-over (the one wearing sunglasses)?
Me neither:
And from the side:
I think this lady must have been related to the comb-over dude.
And now I must ask... have you ever seen such a mullet? On a woman? and from the side:
and from the back: FYI- these people were far enough away that they couldn't hear me laughing.
Good thing for zooming in eh?

Steve was sure to park far enough away so we didn't end up with a broken windshield. He said the last time he came to one of these games, he actually saw a broken windshield. And believe me... there were A LOT of balls hit over the back.
Rub a dub, dub, let's eat some grub...

5 Responses
  1. love the comb over and mullet...eeeewwww!!!!! I tell you some peoples kids...

  2. Emilee Says:

    Congrats! And I have to say those pics of the comb over and the mullet were priceless, good thing they didn't catch you!

  3. Fireball Says:

    Looks like you guys had fun. Gotta love the lady mullets!

    Hey - I "tagged" you on my blog...

  4. mkfordham Says:

    These pictures are so cute and the mullet ones are hilarious!!!!!! I'll try and figure out this tagging thing. I only know a couple of people who do blogs- I guess my friends and family are behind the times!

  5. Hey Diana! Thanks for letting my view your blog! Your family is so cute! It was great to hear from you.