Apollo's Turning One!

I don't want to Mom!!!!

Heavy in concentration

I've never tasted anything so yummy!

You can even wear it!

Gosh... I get attention too?
Fun was had by all at Apollo's First Birthday celebration. His actual birth date is March 8th, but we'll be gone next Sunday for Malachi's baptism so we had it yesterday, here at the house. Our guests included David and Geeta's family, Duncan and Kaitlyn and the Holcombs (adopted family). The menu was taco salad, with David's homemade salsa w/lime being my fav (yum!). I made Apollo's cakes to a Cheerios theme (his personal fav) . Sarah came up with the great idea. By the time we started singing to Apollo, he'd had it. Was NOT having fun. Little did he know how MUCH fun he'd be having minutes after. We plopped him into his high chair and let him have-at-it. He was happy as pie, eating his cake! Kaitlyn was a saint by cleaning him up, bath and all after he was done. We also sang to Steve, who's birthday was on Feb. 23rd. I did most of the gift opening with Apollo sitting in my lap. He was given some splendid gifts, including new stylin' outfits, bath toys, cheerios, and a new car seat from Grandpa! It should be arriving by the end of the week.

Some hard facts: I am so blessed to have such a sweet, happy baby. He took his first steps a few weeks ago and is now taking several steps at a time. He's still taking two naps a day and is off his formula. When he's officially one, I'll start weaning him from the bottle. He's growing up! I imagine he weighs almost 22 pounds by now. We'll find out at his 1 year checkup. He loves playing with Sarah and Sascha. A couple of days ago I woke up and found Sascha in the kitchen with Apollo in his high chair feeding him applesauce. What a champ! I was such a proud mama of Sascha. Apollo likes to wave bye bye to his Daddy out the window when he leaves for work each morning. He also likes to go downstairs and visit Grandpa and rock in the little rocking chair and play with Grandpa's videos. He also loves going outside for stroller rides and looking at birds.

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