Live, Love, Cruise... Part 2

Part 2 of the cruise pics. For Part 1 click here.
Again, click on any of the mosaics and panoramics to get a better view 8-)

Fun day in Ensanada:

This store we went into was amazing with palm trees growing out of the glass roof. There were also some pretty amazing sculptures made out of mud. I liked the mother's womb showing the baby growing inside (sorry 'bout the peep

If you look hard you can see Dolly by the guy selling the bracelets on the right hand side.
Some pretty amazing cacti:

The Mayan calendar to the left was actually a huge piece on the side of a building. I should have taken a pic of it with someone standing close. I actually bought a smaller version for my bro and his wife in the middle pic.

In case you would like to rent a junior suite for just 4 hours...

On our walk back to the ship we passed by this area with a bunch of teenagers breakdancing. There was one guy in purple skinny jeans riding his skateboard. Sarah LOVES purple skinny jeans (and guys too, probably), so I tried to get a pic without him noticing:
Didn't turn out so well. My sister stopped him and asked if we could take his pic (not that he understood), and he posed for us. Yay! Love the shirt with the "F" on it. For Fyffe, I'm sure 8-)

We also passed by these little boys that were selling neclaces for their mom or grandma. Couldn't tell. They were totally trained and wanted top dollar. Dolly ended up buying one neclace and gave each boy a dollar. Notice their poor little dirty toes...

Mexican sushi anyone? I didn't think so... They actually tell you on the cruise not to drink any of the water in Mexico (unless it's bottled) or you could become seriously ill. We ended up just eating a protein bar until we got back on the ship around 5pm.
If you chance to meet a crack, do not look away, quickly grab your camera for a snappy pic today (you know the tune...)!

Steph and I couldn't resist and had to embrace the Nacho in us. Could the towel creature be a crab perhaps? Last evening on the ship. We docked back in San Diego around 6am. We grabbed some breakfast and were off the ship by 9:30-ish.

Once off the ship we had some time to kill until our flight left at almost 5pm. So, we hopped on a buggy pulled by this nice fellow and he gave us a 30 minute tour of the San Diego waterfront. It was great! Poor guy though... he had to pull all three of us and ALL of our luggage.
Steph payed for the tour including a huge tip to our very sweaty driver. Thanks Steph!!!

I will forever remember this amazing girls getaway!
Thanks again Stephanie and Dolly!!!
You guys ROCK!!!
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  1. 5 ibarras Says:

    very cool pics! looks like you had a blast! i'm glad you got to go--you deserved it! :)