Let Them Eat Cake!

It is the season for making Birthday cakes.
My first experience using fondant on a cake was for Lindsay's (LaRee's daughter) birthday. Instead of paying a bakery to make the cake, she bought me all the supplies (including cake mix, frosting, pre-made fondant, cake lifter, fondant smoother, cutter shapes, and color gels) so I could make one to her specifications. I got to keep them all too! Thanks LaRee!

I baked four layers (2 each) and put filling in the middle of each layer. Then I frosted them so the fondant would stick to the cake.
I then used all the muscle that I could muster and kneaded and kneaded and kneaded, etc.... until it was nice and pliable enough to roll out onto a powdered sugar laden counter top. My arms and shoulders were sore for three days afterwards, no joke!
Working with the fondant was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated.
I tinted some of the fondant to make pink and black flower stars and the numbers. I also tinted some sugar crystals to add some sparkle. Everything was edible except for pink and silver ribbon.
Here's the finished product:
If you're ever curious and want to make up some yourself, here's the website, Piece-A-Cake, that I got some tips and fondant recipes from.
I ended up making the marshmallow fondant recipe for Jayce's (LaRee's son) birthday dinner cake. It was super easy to make. This cake was supposed to be a gator green (his football team), but I ran out of food coloring:
I used up some of the leftover fondant from Lindsay's sixteenth birthday cake to make this birthday cake for her(I know, she got two cakes, but one was for her big bash with her friends, and the one below was a nice simple cake for her birthday dinner):

Since we're on the subject, I must share this amazing blog that I've come across recently. It has THE WORST cakes I've ever seen!!! So fun for a chortle....   Cake Wrecks. Okay, it does have some cute ones thrown in there too, to make up for the hideous ones. Go check it out now!!!
2 Responses
  1. 5 ibarras Says:

    Diana, you are WAY too talented! i can't believe that was your FIRST ever fondant cake! it ROCKS!!! (btw, how did you get the black fondant so black? did you use the gel?)

  2. Diana Says:

    Thanks Jenny 8-) You do quite the amazing cakes yourself! Have you done many lately? You should post them. Yes, I used the black gel coloring. It works quite well. Can't wait to see your Disney cruise pics!