Happy February and New Blog Design!

Happy February everyone! This is the beginning of the 14 days of Valentines, with Honeybob being the recipient. Each year we take turns and this year it's mine. We've been doing this for about 10 years now ever since I went to an enrichment class giving us ideas on how to do it. Each year we have to be a little more creative (or not) figuring out what fun things to give/do. Maybe one of these times he'll surprise me with some sort of a getaway???? hmmm....

Also, Happy New Blog Design to me!!! I've been getting so tired of my old blog design. I surely appreciated the nice visual effect she provided, but it was definitely time to say farewell. Especially since I still had the header decorated with Christmas decor. Hello?!? I've been itching for a plain and simple blog that I can design new headers for as I see fit. Thus, Blanche. Okay, I didn't really name her that, but I did give that name to my beloved Honda Accord after I purchased her way back when. Yes, she was white.
Anyway, hope you like the new design as much as I do!
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