And it Keeps Piling On

Yesterday Sarah and I needed to run some errands. No luck escaping in my van. Fortunately Steve had put chains on his tires just in case we needed to get out. I was willing to put them to good use. As you'll see in this pic, his car is to the very left parked in our neighbors driveway. My van was just beside his car.

This pic of Steve's car was taken from our living room window. Not bad eh?

We were able to get around just fine with the chains on. Once we hit the main roads it was a little embarrassing since you can't go above 30 mph. Plus, there's the clank-clank-clank sound. The price I payed... But it was nice to get out! And I was able to deliver one of my gifts to a friend who lived along the way. They were snowed in with both vehicles stuck.
Here's some more shots I took from our house:

Steve took these pics. Apollo had his first face to face with Santa and Frosty:

Lovin' the snow...

Sascha biting it on his way down the "Gardner Luge"

Sarah's turn:

Apollo couldn't resist the snow. Even with bare feet and all. He didn't get to stay out long though. His feet got too cold. brrrrr!

Sarah in the loco snow!

My poor plants, which I might add just had some more blooms starting on my geraniums...
3 Responses
  1. love Apollos little hat...merry christmas...;)

  2. Jill Scott Says:

    Love, love, love your luge. Those are the kinds of memories your kids will remember. Can I come over and play?

    Apollo is adorable!

  3. Fireball Says:

    Crazy! I can't believe we're missing all the snow! You guys look like you're having fun with it.