Not Again!!!

As I was chatting online with my sis (Deb, this is what I was talking about when I said I had to run and you'll read about it on my blog later) I heard something fall in the kitchen but didn't really think anything of it. A few minutes later I turned around and this is what I saw walking in: At first my heart leapt, thinking his finger was bleeding AGAIN!!! Then I realized he'd gotten into my new jar of homemade jelly that I got from RS last night. I left it on the counter without the lid on since I was in the middle of making lunch. Luckily only about 1/4 of the jar was gone after he had gotten his hoofs into it.
How could you be mad at a face like that?!? Mind you, these pics were a bit dicey to take because I didn't want him getting jelly on anything so I was holding his hand while I was trying to get my camera ready.

Into the tub he went!!!
2 Responses
  1. these photos are too funny..he is a little stinker...thanks for the nice comment on my blog...too bad people have to spread this kind of hatred..and I won't focus on the is just sad that these folks can't focus on the good...have a great sunday enjoy the snow...:)

  2. Jill Scott Says:

    What a little cutie. He knows good food when he tastes it, I guess. These pictures remind me of Winnie the Pooh because he always sticks his paws in the honey jar. Too cute.