Fyffe Guests Day 1 & 2

Friday, 21st of November, my nephew Christian accompanied me on the drive over to SeaTac Airport to pick up my brother Danny, his wife Denise, and their two wonderful boys Austin and Dennis. They were arriving from Utah for a week long stay here at Gardner Villa. Their first trip up to the Northwest. Their plane arrived just after 10pm. I think everyone elses plane was landing at the same time because of the HEAVY traffic I encountered near the airport. I was so excited to see them! Who cares that we didn't get home until about midnight. We chatted all the way home and even more when we got home. We just love having guests.

Saturday morning was superb because my brother David and his fam, and my brother Duncan all came over with breakfast and cooked it right here at Gardner Villa. What a pleasant surprise to treat us all to a nice, home-cooked breakfast! I have the best family ever!

Afterwards we all got ready and took a jaunt over to the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport. It's pretty interesting and they have a fun gift shop too.

We're utilizing the submarine controls. L-R: Geeta, me, Danny David and Denise.

After the museum we then headed over to Bremerton and caught the foot ferry over to Port Orchard to walk around and see the sites. It turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride.

Danny took this pic of Apollo...

I love my bro's: Duncan, me, Danny and David...

Later that evening we had Teesha babysit the youngin's (mine) while the adults went out to Applebee's. Austin and Christian go to join us as well (little misunderstanding). It was fun to sit next to Austin and chit chat. He's a SUPER guy!!! Love him! Apollo does too 8-)

L-R: Denise, Danny, Steve, me, Austin and Christian (sorry, can't see his face).

And at the other end of the table: Geeta, David, Kaitlyn and Duncan.
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