Neglectful Mom

On my way to a presidency meeting last Tuesday I had to make a quick stop to Sarah's school to drop something off to her. While I presented the item to the office lady and told her who it was supposed to go to, another office lady chimed in asking if I were Sarah's mom. I agreed. She then proceeded to tell me that a mom had called in concerned that there was a little girl at her bus stop that shows up without a coat on, day after day, and maybe she needed one. The little girl that she was referring to was Sarah. In that moment of embarrassment, not because she didn't have a coat (she has several), but because I'm looking like a neglectful mom letting my daughter leave the house without a coat, I let her know that both of my kids most all of the time refuse to wear coats. I can coax them, which requires the energy of folding three loads of laundry, scrubbing the bathrooms from top to bottom and going on a 10-mile hike, but sometimes I just don't have it in me. Besides, I think she's old enough to determine whether or not she's going to freeze. Maybe I should make a compromise and buy her a down vest. This way, she wouldn't feel like a sausage as Randy did in The Christmas Story. hmm..... Feedback is welcome...
3 Responses
  1. you are too funny..but kids will be kids..we all did it cause it was cool...wait till they are our age..they will beg for a coat...we just were never cold like we are as we get older...glad though that their are concerned adults to take care of the little ones..:)

  2. Lisa Says:

    eeerrghhh! that was one of the few things I hated about living in Washington....people who think they know how to parent your child better than you do! I have the same battle with my 3 year old about wearing a coat. So when he says he doesn't want to wear it, I bring it with us, but I let him walk from the front door to the car without it on. Usually before he even has his seatbelt on he is asking where his coat is because he is freezing. And yet, there are some kids out there who are being verbally and physically abused every day and no one says anything....whatever!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I agree with girls can choose to wear their coats or not. Madi has a gorgeous winter coat my mom got for her but still insists on wearing her thin fall sweatshirt/ coat. I wonder what some of the other parents think when they see her tiny little self freezing :-) I do make her bring her big coat on long trips, though, even if she still chooses not to wear it.