Gods Dandruff

Pardon my title post. I must give credit to Jessie Crook for her comment on Facebook: "Jessie is going to play in God's dandruff." I thought it was too original not to pass along.

Apollo's hands got a little red after pulling off his mittens and playing with his sand toys. You can see the shiver in his eyes.

So this was our driveway this morning. Apollo missed his well check this morning because we couldn't get out of the driveway in time. Had I known it was supposed to snow overnight I would have parked up top.

I shoveled just enough snow off the driveway so the kids could still use it as a luge to slide down (a favorite pasttime here at Gardner Villa). This driveway definitely has it's "ups" and "downs". Pun intended. While shoveling, my neighbors came over to help sprinkle sand and cat litter for extra traction. LOVE this neighborhood. It only took me TWO tries and I was up and out! Then Steve came out to move his car and later said I could blog about the fact that he couldn't get his car up the driveway. But when I took over, voila.... FIRST try and I was up and out! It just needed a woman's touch. Oh yeah!

That's right.... Me gloating in all my glory!
2 Responses
  1. Lisa Says:

    It's sooo pretty! I'm glad I'm not there for it, because I hate snow, but it's still really pretty!

  2. Emilee Says:

    Wahoo, love the snow! Looks like you guys are enjoying it. Never thought about using "sand" toys in the snow, but those would actually work well. But I wouldn't love your driveway in the snow, ours is bad enough. Love ya!