Wordless Wednesday Explanation

Yesterday came and went without much normalcy. To begin with, Apollos finger started bleeding, without giving up. I'm not sure what caused it. All of a sudden he had blood all over his hand. His wart had broken open, which I found out later wasn't really a wart but a concentrated growth of blood vessels (there's a name for it but I can't remember it) that looked more like a blood blister, raised up. Sorry to gross anyone out. It didn't look as bad as it sounds. Only after it got injured. After putting pressure on it for 30 min., no luck. Luckily Steve was home so he could drive us to the Dr. so I could continue putting pressure on Apollo's finger so it wouldn't bleed out. At the Dr.'s office, Apollo complained for maybe a minute or two. They used a scalpel to slice off the growth which they'll send off for testing to make sure it is what they think it is. And then they cauterized it to stop the bleeding, which turned part of his finger black. When they were done, Apollo nonchalantly said, "all done," as if nothing had happened. Such a sweet boy!

Later on we had a RS "Night in Bethlehem," where I was going to sing a musical number with some other ladies. Not long after the program started, Apollo needed a diaper change (he was in the nursery since Steve had a meeting). I had to run out to the car to grab a dipe and by the time I was finished taking care of him most of the program was done and I'd missed my singing part and some others I was looking forward to hearing. Man!

After we got home we played with Apollo for a little bit before bedtime. All of a sudden his finger started bleeding AGAIN!!! The black scab had fallen off (I think he picked it off accidentally, or not) and it was back to the same thing that happened this morning. Blood everywhere! It was after 9pm so Prompt Care was closed. Steve wasn't home from work yet and I DIDN'T want to have to take him to the ER just to get it cauterized again. As I kept putting pressure on it, it magically slowed down and then stopped. I kept him up longer and held him in my lap so I could keep a close eye on it. He got to watch Wonder Pets (his favorite show of all time)! Lucky (imagine Napoleon's voice here, which, I might add that Steve has taught Apollo how to say)!
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  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow! That was quite the Wednesday! I hope his finger is back to normal soon!