Craig Update October 11th

Here's an e mail I received yesterday:

Hi Everyone

Below is a message from Craig's sons Todd & Ryan, Craig is back in Silverale at Northwoods, room 119, a very nice private room. Craig arrived today (Friday, October 10th.) around 5:00 PM and is now resting from the long trip over here. Dad is doing real good these days. He's been at Harborview in Seattle for the past month for In-Patient physical therapy and has progressed to the point of being discharged from their care and is back at Northwoods in Silverdale. Just a couple of progress points for his release was that he is able to get from the wheelchair to bed and back with little help, safely walk around the house, retain memory and work on some problems solving skills, eating and drinking without difficulties, know what medications he needs and when, and safely go out into the community. As a surprise to Joanie and myself for his discharge meeting he was able to walk the hallway of the hospital to the meeting room for his discharge meeting. The Physical Therapist at his side said he was holding on as a backup and when Dad got ahead of himself he was able to balance himself back. Quite remarkable after 3 months when we were in the ICU agonizing at what his future would be!!!! Again, Dad is back in Silverdale at Northwoods and I encourage those who have not seen him for a while to stop by and see how much progress he has made.
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