Birthday Celebrations

We've had a few birthday celebrations in the last month. I have a tradition of making whatever dessert the birthday person desires as you will see down below.

I was trying out the panoramic effect on my digital. Not bad eh? Hard to tell where I stitched the pictures together isn't it? Sometime I'll have to have the same person in each shot so there'll be triplets! Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Cute Punkin'! And no, he's not holding a diaper. They're tissues...

Christian's dessert of choice was a chocolate torte cake. I must add that I recycle my candles (I know I'm cheap). It was perfect for Christian this year because I actually had the exact numbers for his age. Lucky Pode:

By the way, these are some posters I designed and had blown up at Costco and then framed for his birthday to hang on his wall. FYI-Tay is the East Indian guy with a very deep voice who sings "Chocolate Rain" on YouTube. Kik is one of Christian's nicknames. This pic was taken at Cub Scout Camp last summer. He was getting ready for the shooting range:

Another of Christian's nicknames is Pode. Therefore...

Sidney didn't really decide what she wanted, so I made her a Butterfinger Ice Cream dessert cake. She was very pleased...

I know, I know... recycled candles. But hey, I'm being earth friendly eh? I think those polka dot candles have seen their last day 8-)

Teesha chose a caramel apple cheesecake for her dessert:

I designed this driver's license for her and had my brother Duncan blow it up into a 2' x 3' poster, laminated and mounted. I also had a bunch of these made into wallet size drivers licenses, laminated and all, to hand out as party favors when she had her surprise party in Utah.

For Geeta's birthday she chose anything pumpkin. So Steve made his famous pumpkin pie bars. We served them with pumpkin and vanilla ice cream. Very fall-ish.

They were such a hit everyone wanted seconds...

Later we ran over to Hunter Farms over in Union to keep celebrating Geeta's bday. They had a hay maze, corn maze, variety of animals and we took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins. I'll post more on that later when I get my pics from Deeb.
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