Craig Update October 5th

This picture has no reference to this post. Blogs are always funner to read when a picture's involved.

Here's an update I received in my e mail yesterday about Craig:

Hi EveryoneI talked to Craig today at Harborview and he said he'll be coming back to this side on Friday and staying at Northwoods again. He said he was very tired from all the hard workouts and needs a rest.He said he felt like he had done pretty good and has improved during his stay at Harborview. It will be great to have him back home so he can have more visitors, as he needs all the encouragement from his friends he can get.He was really excited to be able to talk to Steve Scott, Jim Buckingham and Gene Lewis this morning. He stated that he missed seeing everyone at meetings and events and said to tell everyone Hi.Though he has made great strides in his rehab, Craig still has a long way to go, as he won't be running any foot races or driving any time soon, his speech has improved greatly, he's walking pretty good with assistance, only short distances though, as he still don't have full use of the left side and he still has a problem with double vision.When he arrives back here at Northwoods, I will send out information on his room number,etc. and hope that many of his many friends will stop by and visit with him.Again, thank you all for your support of Craig and your thoughts and prayers for his speedy recovery and rehabilitation. Ken
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