I'm going through a little bit of mourning (I know it sounds dramatic) with Sarah's decision of not wanting to play the piano. She truly has a talent for it and I was hoping she would become a great pianist like her Grandpa Don. She's been stressing out a lot lately with school homework piling up (She's in the gifted program at Emerald Heights and she got a week behind when we went to Utah), chores at home, and I'm sure hormones play a part. She's also started up the violin in the school orchestra. I hope that she'll change her mind in the near future and have the desire to get back on the piano again. I LOVED listening to her play. On a lighter note, Sascha is continuing and doing very well. He passed off both of his songs at his first lesson of the season yesterday and is three songs away from passing off the level. Yay Sascha!

This video of Sarah was taken almost two years ago when she was just eight years old. She was practicing at her piano teacher, Cami Segebergs' house.

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  1. Wow...sorry that she doesn't want to play for now, I hope she picks it back up again. She is very good. When did you start her lessons? I am wondering for my girls they are 3 and 6.